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Make your ideas happen

Marcus set up his clothing label,Dinosaur Blood, from his bedroom in Cardiff. Sketching all his designs, check him out on Instagram and Twitter.

Dell & Phil set up the band, Astroid Boys when Dell was just 12-years old at a Newport youth club. giffgaff member, Harry, was a big fan of the band, auditioned and got himself the job of being their drummer. Download their latest EP 'Bacon Dream' and find them on Instagram and Twitter.

Don't get tied down

Coasteers John, Jon, Jon, Sam & Wil brace the wind and the cold. There's not an inch of the West Wales coastline that they don't know. John Byrom has been coasteering for 17 years and makes jumping off a cliff in St David's look easy. John teaches lots of different people about the coastline but one thing is for sure, safety always comes first.

This group of friends get up to all sorts, Jon Haylock is a slalom kayak king. He's hoping to make it to the Rio Olympics.

Make big important decisions

You have a minute left before the track ends, you're searching for the perfect one to play next to keep them on the dance floor. Big decision.
DJ Rudes works with the Trinity Warriors, dance crew in Derby. The crew are a group of friends who have been dancing together since 2001. They also run classes in and around Derby to share their passion for hip-hop dance styles with all ages.

Get rid of anything unnecessary

Dance teacher, model and all around nice guy, RetroKid, has only ever had his hair cut by his brother at Desmond's in Derby. He's tried a few styles over the years, but now he's found 'the one' it makes sense to stick with someone he trusts.

Born into a music family, his dad was a DJ, RetroKid realised his passion and natural flair for dancing when asked to groove to a KRS-One track by his sister at 7 years-old. Taking it serious from the age of 13, he has never looked back. He has the running-man down.

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