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Best accessories for your smartphone



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Because so many of us have access to them, we often take for granted that modern smartphones are incredible devices. They are capable of doing much more than just making and taking phone calls, from entertaining us with addictive games on our lunch break, to helping us manage our finances, we rely on them for a wide range of activities.

However, with the help of phone accessories, they are able to do even more. There are a large number of smartphone accessories on the market, so identifying the ones you want can be difficult. To help you decide on which ones are the best for you, we have picked our favourite accessories for your smartphone.

OCASE waterproof phone case

ocase waterproof case

Although most new smartphones are made to withstand an normal amount of water, the OCASE waterproof case provides an extra level of waterproofing for your phone. It is a waterproof pouch for your phone which allows you to use your phone up to 30 meters beneath the surface. With the case on, you can even take clear photos and videos while you are underwater, so before you set off for your next beach holiday, consider packing one of these cases so that you can snap some epic underwater photos while you are there.

Amir 3-in-1 smartphone camera lenses

Amir 3-in-1 smartphone camera lenses

For when the variety of filters available on your phone aren’t enough for you to capture your desired shot, you can now get clip-on smartphone lenses that allow you to take pictures like a professional photographer on your phone. There’s a wide range of lenses available designed to let you take a number of different kinds of pictures. The Amir 3-in-1 comes with a 180-degree fisheye lens, a wide angle lens for panoramic shots, and a macro lens for taking close ups. The lenses are durable and clip onto your phone with ease.



The ChargeKey takes portable charging to a whole new level. The biggest problem with portable chargers is that you have to remember to charge them up, and you have to remember to bring them with you. The ChargeKey solves those problems. It is essentially a pocket sized charger that fits onto your key ring, with a phone charger on one end and a USB stick on the other. This means you can charge your phone via any USB port you find when you leave the house, and you don’t have to remember to charge it, because the ChargeKey draws power from the device it is connected to. This is a portable charger that is small and durable, with nothing extra to charge, and can be available at your convenience. Now, just make sure you don’t forget your keys.

Screen protectors

screen protectors

For those people whose name is synonymous with the word clumsy, a screen protector will be an absolute life saver. Screen protectors are thin films of tempered glass which stick to your phone screen and prevent it from getting scratched, cracked and damaged, without stopping you from being able to use the touchscreen. They essentially absorb the impacts that the screen is be subject to. They are widely available for the vast majority of popular phones and tend to be good very value for money, so they are well worth investing in.

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