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Best smart devices for kids



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Smart technology and the internet can be dangerous for kids. They give them easy access to inappropriate content and the addictive world of mobile games; video streaming and internet browsing can distract kids from doing homework.

They can keep them sitting inside rather than enjoying the outdoors, and staring at the artificial light from screens for long periods can be harmful to their eyes.

However, not all smart devices are bad for our little ones. Manufacturers across the globe have been working on devices that allow children to safely enjoy the benefits that smart connectivity brings. To help young people safely get the most out of smart technology, we’ve picked out the best smart devices for kids:

VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch Plus

Ideal for children between the ages of five and nine-years-old, the VTech Kidizoom Plus is a smartwatch that is rammed with features kids love. This includes a number of games, a voice recorder and a camera which captures both photos and videos. It also includes a timer, a stopwatch and an alarm and it even helps kids learn how to tell the time through the “Fun Time Master.” Kids can choose between a number of clock faces, to help make telling the time seem fun.

Amazon Fire Kids Edition

The Amazon Fire Kids Edition is made to ensure kids don’t miss out on enjoying one of the leading devices in the tablet market. The kids edition looks just the same as the main Amazon Fire product, but comes with a few tweaks to stop your children from getting up to no good. This includes a 12-month subscription to Fire for Kids Unlimited, which provides access to a range of kids shows and games, all of which are free of in-app purchases.

As well as this, the device comes with a “bumper case” to protect it from the bumps and falls a kid will likely put it through. The Amazon Parent Dashboard app also allows you to monitor how your child is using the device from your own phone. 7inch, 8inch and 10inch screen versions of the kids edition are available.

AmbyGear Smartwatch

The AmbyGear Smartwatch is a device geared towards keeping your child safe and helping them learn for the future. It allows you to track the location of your child, so that you can always have peace of mind and know where they are. Nonetheless, it also comes equipped with fun activities for your kids to enjoy.

It also has a calendar, which allows you to set reminders and keep them from forgetting their homework. It functions using a rewards system, which allows you to set rewards for children to pick up in return for completing tasks and activities. You can set whatever activities and rewards for them that you like on your phone using the AmbyGear smartphone app. They can be anything from doing chores to earn their allowance, to doing their homework to earn an ice cream at the end of the day.

Written by hellen_b

Hellen is a content expert at giffgaff.