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Filming and editing videos on the Samsung S9+



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Video has fast become phone users’ favourite tech of the moment, thanks to the likes of Instagram video, Snapchat and other video-powered apps.

The quality of mobile phone cameras, and the high spec video features they cram into such tiny devices really is mind-blowing. That’s why in our latest giffgaff video, we put the recent addition to the popular Samsung family, the Samsung S9+, to the test.

Jake Watson explores how to film, edit and explore the professional video quality of this new phone in the video, below.

Camera quality is especially important when filming and editing videos; a clear video requires less editing, meaning you can focus on enhancing your video for your own enjoyment, as opposed to editing colours, contrast and saturation just to ensure the picture is clear.

The Samsung S9+ comes with a range of modern video settings, including Hyperlapse Video, Video Image Stabilization and Super Slow-Motion Video, which is why we’ve chosen this innovative phone to feature in our latest review video.

Another great advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is you can edit videos further with the handy Movie Maker smartphone app. Simply download the app and toy around with the different features, personalise with music, and replay the final product over and over again.

To learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S9+, head over to giffgaff.

Written by hellen_b

Hellen is a content expert at giffgaff.