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How to use giffgaff Wi-Fi underground



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Imagine having the most captivating conversation on WhatsApp and as you watch your friend ‘typing’ a response back, you approach the underground. It’s dead. You have no signal and are waiting at the tube station, on the platform, on your own with no Internet to keep you occupied. What a dreadful thought. Now stop imagining because as a giffgaff member, you can get access to the Wi-Fi on the London Underground. Here’s everything you need to know.

Wi-Fi on the London Underground

TFL (Transport for London)brought Wi-Fi to the London Underground, which is just downright amazing. It doesn’t cover every single station but with it covering over 97% of the Underground network, it’s almost everywhere. The Wi-Fi in these stations works at the ticket halls, walkways as well as on the platforms themselves. Nice.

How to set it up

To start using it, you’ll just need to set it up by simply following the instructions below.

1. Download the giffgaff app

Firstly, you need to make sure you have the latest version of the giffgaff app. Go to the PlayStore or App Store, depending on what device you have, to download it. If you already have it, check to see if there are any updates available and if so update it.

2. Install the configuration profile

iPhone users:

  1. In the app, go to the Settings menu and select ‘Wifi Extra’.
  2. Next, tap ‘Install Wifi Extra settings’. This will bring up a prompt, where you’ll need to select ‘Allow’ to install the profile.
  3. Now tap ‘Install’, enter your passcode and the profile will begin to install. This will take just a couple of seconds.
  4. Your smartphone is now set up for it.

giffgaff wifi underground

Android users:

  1. In the app, go to the Settings menu and select ‘Wifi Extra’.
  2. Next, toggle the ‘Turn on Wifi Extra’ switch to On

3. Connect to Wi-Fi

You’ll need to ensure Wi-Fi is turned on. Then from the list of networks available, select ‘O2 Wi-Fi’. This will open up your browser where you’ll need to select O2 from the dropdown list and voila; you’re connected.

Note: to be able to use Wi-Fi underground, you’ll need to ensure that your giffgaff SIM is active and Wi-Fi is switched on.

Written by shadylady

Sadia produces tech reviews, tech tips & tutorial videos at XALIRATE.