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iPhone X Max surprising battery test



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The iPhone Xs Max has got to be the most talked about iPhone released this year. With an emphasis on Max, its 6.5” OLED display made it an instant winner. With such a large display, what was impressive is that Apple claimed the Xs Max lasts 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone X but how does it compare in our battery test? Read on to find out and check our iPhone X Max battery test video:

The iPhone Xs Max has a 3,174mAh battery; the biggest in an iPhone yet. So, we’re naturally going to assume it’s going to last the longest, right? There was only one way to find out and that was to carry out a battery test in the same way that was done with the iPhone X. With the Max charged to 100%, WiFi connected and the screen brightness set to the max, it was time to play some HD content on YouTube. Note that it was 9.34AM when the test began.

You can see a breakdown of the battery levels after every hour below.

· 1 hour (10.34AM) – 93%

· 2 hours (11.34AM) – 82%

· 3 hours (12.34PM) – 69%

· 4 hours (13.34PM) – 56%

· 5 hours (14.34PM) – 44%

· 6 hours (15.34PM) – 32%

· 7 hours (16.34PM) – 19%

· 8 hours (17.34PM) - 5%

You’ll notice that the battery was draining an increased amount as the videos were playing. In the first hour, it only decreased by 7%, which isn’t bad at all but then it went on to decrease by 9% and then 13% etc. So, with 5% remaining after 8 hours, it was obvious that the Xs Max wasn’t going to make another hour and it didn’t. The battery died at 18.05PM, which meant that the Xs Max lasted a total of just over 8.5 hours.

iPhone Xs Max VS iPhone X

Apple’s claim of the iPhone Xs Max lasting 1.5 hours longer than the X may be true when it comes to general use but this test proved otherwise. The iPhone X lasted just over 11 hours with the same test while the Max lasted less than 9 hours. I can’t say it’s too disappointing as it’d still get you through the day but I did expect the Max to last a few more hours in this test considering its battery capacity.

iPhone Xs Max VS Samsung Galaxy S9**

The Galaxy S9 runs off a 3,500mAh battery, so it’s slightly bigger than the capacity of the battery in the Max (3,174mAh). So, it makes total sense that the S9 would last a little longer in this test, which it did. It lasted just under 10 hours, compared to the Max which lasted just under 9 hours. There isn’t a significant difference between the two and so for it’s capacity, the Xs Max didn’t do too bad at all.

I hope you found this battery test interesting and thank you for reading.

Written by shadylady

Sadia produces tech reviews, tech tips & tutorial videos at XALIRATE.