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Meet Chris, who chooses to be part of the conversation



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chrisjavern79 giffgaff member

Say hello to Chris

Also known as chrisjavern79 on our community forums. Chris joined giffgaff back in 2009 when giffgaff first launched and he’s pretty much part of the family always getting involved and being part of the conversation. Great to have you on board, Chris.

Chris is an avid viewer and fan of The Voice, who enjoys cooking different recipes that bring the family together, while he watches the show with his three young lads. “We sit together and become the greatest judges in the world.”

As well as enjoying the bond The Voice bring with him and his family, Chris always shares his reactions with us, giffgaff. He sprinkles element of joy with our community members over Twitter and gets the conversations going. It’s been a blast watching The Voice with Chirs and having a good chin-wag about what’s happening.

As Chris has been the spirit of giffgaff on our social channels, we decided to surprise him with a little treat. And sent Chris off to meet Sir Tom Jones, Olly Murrs, Jennifer Hudson (Jhud) and Will.I.Am who are this years judges of The Voice. How exciting.

Taking over the telly

giffgaff had the honor of being the proud sponsors of The Voice. We like to do things a little differently, so we worked collaboratively with our members, and bring their stories about the show to life.

It was a no brainer for us. We’re all part of a community and thought how could we highlight some of our members comments about what was happening on the show. We surprised Chris and had some of his tweets pop up as the show was being broadcast live.

“It all started with a simple tweet”, Chris remembers. “I was approached by giffgaff team who’d asked for my permission to show one of my tweets on The Voice sponsorship ident. From there on we’ve spoken every weekend, sharing our thoughts on the acts, what we’d like to see and who we want to succeed.”

“The difference with giffgaff is, it’s not just an operator your talking with, it’s like having a friend on hand who likes the same thing you do and that was really appealing to me. You always know come Saturday evening someone who’s happy, positive and pleased to talk to is there with you.” - Chris

Choosing giffgaff is simple and rewarding

We knew how much Chris loves The Voice so we decided to surprise him with a ticket to the show. Our members choose how to get involved and our promise is to always give them fresh opportunities to be part of the conversation.

Chris is a truly wonderful member and always brings the community together. His story is one of the many that demonstrates how you can make giffgaff work for you. It’s your community, choose to be involved.

“giffgaff gave me an experience like never before. I’ll never forget it. It was truly one of those moments in my life that will stay with me.” - Chris

Bringing people together

As the mobile network run by you, bringing people together is what we do. From connecting our members with free giffgaff to giffgaff calls or giving them an extra gig when they run out of data. We’ve even helped bring long lost family members together. Yes, you read that right.

Chris was approached by someone who saw his tweet on the telly and turns out, shares the same, but very unique surname. After doing a bit of research and comparing their family trees both lads discovered to be far-related family members. Blimey.

Because of a simple tweet that Chris shared he discovered a new part of his family history that dates all the way back to the 1840. He’s even got pictures stories and passport logs to prove it.

“There was an absolute heap of info that’s now really given my part of the family some history we never knew about! Incredible and all down to giffgaff showing my tweet on the telly that simple gesture opening a whole new part of my family history.” - Chris

Unexpectedly, we’ve brought people together on a whole new level. Nice one.

Join the conversation

Choosing giffgaff is simple. There’s always a way to be part of the conversation. Come join us and define your own way to be involved. The Voice might be over but the show must go on. We’re always looking for a new adventure. Follow our conversation on Twitter and say hi to your giffgaff community.

“It’s truly an incredible feeling, it’s like the perfect world. Every time you see someone responding to a giffgaff message is always a happy, positive experience. The word “community” to me is under-rated where giffgaff is concerned, it’s more like a family. There isn’t another company out there I can say that about. More and more as time goes by it’s affirmed I know I’m on the right network. It’s my giffgaff, our giffgaff.” - Chris

Looking for ways to help us build a better network and earn mutual rewards? Why not join our giffgaff pioneers group on Facebook. Take control in your hands and be part of our run by you movement.

Written by aggy_agate

Aggy is a member engagement manager at giffgaff.