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Staying Safe When Shopping Online



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It’s so easy to forget about hackers, viruses and all the other nasties that come with shopping online when browsing on our phones. Why? Because with our laptops and MacBooks, we’re more alert to the dangers of the online world thanks to updates from anti-virus checkers and other spam-stoppers.

Whereas, when we’re shopping for a new drone from Amazon, or a Charlotte Tilbury contour palette on our phones, it can easily slip our minds to be cautious about staying safe online.

That’s why we’ve provided our top tips, to help you get clued up so you can start shopping safely online:

Avoid using public Wi-Fi to shop

It’s cheaper and safer to upgrade your data package, than it is using Wi-Fi hotspots to do some retail therapy online. Remember, you have no idea how secure the public Wi-Fi hotspot you’re using is to do your online shopping out and about, and it’s your responsibility to be mindful of this.

Regularly change your passwords

Bidding for an item on eBay? It may be quick and easy to stay logged into your PayPal account, but anyone could get hold of your card and login details while online shopping; especially if you continually stay logged in without changing your password.

So, every three weeks or so, change-up your passwords on your top shopping platforms, and ensure they are different to each other. If your passwords are the same on every platform you use on your phone, you’re a sucker to think hackers won’t work this out.

It can be easy to get duped by spam email links, so try and have your wits about you every time you check your inbox on your phone. One bad link can really compromise your online safety – so watch out. Although it’s not your fault that hackers are trying to catch you out, you need to be on the ball and from the get go, avoid junk emails that seem a bit iffy.

How do you stay safe online? Do you tend to use the tips we’ve listed above? Whatever your answer, here at giffgaff we want to know how you browse with safety. After all, we create these blog articles for you all.

So, get in touch and let us know your top tips, or which tips you found useful from this article. We’d love to hear from you.

Written by hellen_b

Hellen is a content expert at giffgaff.