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Order your free giffgaff SIM before 5.00pm for next day delivery. It's just that simple.

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Pay as you go credit that goes further

Prefer to pay as you go? Our rates are just 25p/minute and 10p/text.

Come join our award-winning network

We’re chuffed to bits to be winners of two uSwitch 2019 awards, including Network of the Year. High five to our members who made it happen.

Earn £5

Bring your mates on board and get £5. Cha-ching.

An extra 1 GB on us

Each month from your third purchase onwards.

Joining giffgaff is easy

  1. Get your SIM the next day when you order before 5pm, Mon-Fri.
  2. Activate your SIM at
  3. Our SIMs come in 3 sizes and fit any phone. Winning.

Can I bring my number?

Switching networks is easier than ever. Just text PAC to 65075 and have your PAC code ready to use after you’ve activated your giffgaff SIM.

What is a goodybag?

Simply, a goodybag is your monthly allowance of data, minutes and texts. Each month you choose which one is best for you, or you can have the same one recurring every month.

Extra GB on us

It’s never fun running out of data, especially when you really need some, which is why we’re giving members a little extra.
Once you’ve bought your third goodybag, we’ll boost your data by 1 GB whenever you purchase a £10, £12, £15 or £20 goodybag.

Is roaming included?

Our plans can be used in the EU and selected destinations just like you use them at home and at no extra cost.
Enjoy our low rates when calling outside the EU and selected destinations. Happy travels.

What if I need help?

You'll always have one of our members to support you through any issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After all, we’re the mobile network run by you.
Pst. We might have a treat for you if you’re able to help out later on too.

Can I get extra rewards?

Earn Payback points by helping someone figure things out on the community or by bringing new members on-board, and many other things. It's our way of saying thank you for being one of our awesome members.

Did we miss anything?

£10 golden goodybag

9 GB data for £10

Unlimited calls and texts

Our golden goodybags are a special range that give you more data than our regular plans.

  • To enjoy these extra golden gigabytes you’ll have to set your plan to recur each month
  • You can still change or cancel your plan anytime you fancy
  • If you do change or cancel your plan or turn off recurring, you’ll still have the extra data until your golden goodybag expires

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giffgaff deals

giffgaff deals

It’s never fun running out of data, which is why we’re giving members a little extra.

Once you’ve bought your 3rd goodybag, we’ll boost your data by 1 GB whenever you buy a £10, £12, £15 or £20 goodybag.