Cheap Car Insurance for Women

6th April 2018

By James Story

With statistics that have always shown female drivers as safer drivers than men, car insurance has been cheaper for women, traditionally. But since the ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in 2012, this has not been the case. These days, it’s no longer possible for insurance companies to quote prices based on gender, meaning those female-only low premiums are off the table.

But is it still possible to find cheap car insurance for women? What are the best ways to find affordable deals when shopping for new cover as a female driver? Our complete guide will explain everything you need to know about the current market and how it all works. Read on to discover how you can find the cheapest car insurance for women online, where to look, and what you can do to drive the cost down.


Understanding the New EU Rules

A new legislation that came into effect in December 2012 ruled that insurance firms could no longer charge different premiums to men and women, making it illegal to base the car insurance pricing system on gender.

Whilst women were once able to get premiums as much as hundreds of pounds lower than their respective male counterparts, it is no longer considered fair to continue charging differently.

The ECJ stated: "Taking the gender of the insured individual into account as a risk factor in insurance contracts constitutes discrimination.”

So why was there significantly cheaper car insurance for women in the first place? According to research by road safety charity Brake, men are more likely to commit a range of driving offences, including speeding and drink-driving. Men are also more likely to drink and drive than women. Due to the higher likelihood of men being involved in a road accident, insurers typically see female drivers as a lower-level risk.

As insurance companies base their quotes on risk factors (including age, driving habits and length of time a license is held), it is not surprising that female drivers were able to benefit from more affordable insurance cover.


How Much More Will I Have to Pay?

Since the EU Gender Directive was put into place, female car insurance has gone up around 30% overall, but that doesn’t mean that everyone will have to pay a very expensive premium necessarily.

Whilst gender statistics no longer have any weight with insurers, there are still many other factors that can work in your favour. Other key factors still remain, such as age, choice of car, and years of no claims. Your driving habits are particularly important so if you drive safely, you can preserve your no claims discount and keep a clean driving record. These are things that will help to drive your insurance cost down.


How Does This Affect Young Female Drivers?

The rise in car insurance prices for women have affected every age group. However, the most likely to be hit with the ruling is the younger generation – women under the age of 35, and especially those in the 17-25 age group.

Younger drivers are more likely to be involved in a road accident, according to national statistics, meaning that car insurance for young people is significantly more expensive. For female drivers who have just passed their test, the cost of cover can be a lot more than it was a few years ago.


Can I Still Find Cheap Insurance for Women?

Whilst the younger generation of females will experience the biggest blow when it comes to insuring their car, it’s still possible for women in general to make a saving. The EU Gender Directive rules that insurers should not reward drivers based on gender, but they are still able to reward drivers based on clean records and their years of experience or no claims.

The discounts offered to women were offered because of low-risk driving behaviours; and whilst a cheaper premium won’t be granted on gender alone, it can be given to those who tick all the boxes of a safe driver.


Tips for Finding the Best Car Insurance for Women

Including driving behaviour, there are many other factors to think about when it comes to finding the best car insurance deal. These tips will help you keep costs low:

Drive a small car – there are twice as many men driving cars with engine sizes of 2 litres or above. This could be another reason why the gender gap for insurance prices is not entirely eradicated. Your choice of car matters, so select a modest engine size that is suitable for your lifestyle. The bigger your car, the higher your insurance will be.

Protect your no claims – if you have built up several years of no claims, it could be worth getting no claims protection cover. Something that can help you preserve your no claims discount even if you do need to make a claim with your insurer. Whilst women are far less likely to make big claims through their insurance company (men are more likely to be involved in serious road accidents), women statistically claim more on small bumps and minor damage.

Increase your excess – as a woman, you are less likely to get involved in a big road accident. This is because women are statistically safer on the roads and drive at slower speeds. Bearing in mind that this is only statistically speaking, it could be worth increasing your voluntary excess. Consider your track record so far. If you haven’t claimed before and are cautious on the roads, you may benefit from a higher excess and lower premium.

Get black box insurance – the stats have proved that women are safer drivers and now you can prove your worth as an individual with a black box insurance policy (also known as the telematics policy). A small device will be fitted into your car to monitor your personal driving behaviour and habits. Proving that you don’t speed or clock up much mileage could have a direct positive impact on the cost of your policy.


What about First-Time Car Insurance for Women?

Getting cheap car insurance for women under the age of 25 is where you’ll have the toughest job. As a female driver with no claims, you will be able to find some great offers when searching for car insurance online. But what can you do to get a good deal as a first-time driver?

Unfortunately, being a young driver means high insurance policies due to the stats that insurance firms use. In the UK, 23% of all young drivers are involved in a road accident within the first two years of passing their test and lack of experience is as much a negative factor as age (with 20% of all drivers crashing within one year of passing, no matter how old they are).

Now that women’s car insurance has gone up, you can expect to pay the same as a male younger driver. To cut costs, you can consider adding an older named driver to your policy, choosing a car with a smaller engine, or opting for a black box.


Compare Car Insurance Online Today

For the cheapest car insurance deals for women and young female drivers, we recommend searching online. Using our car insurance comparison tool will give you a better sense of the market and allow you to look at a number of policies from the UK’s most reputable providers.

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