giffgaff gameplan fit gym challenge
Burn calories and earn money towards your financial goals!

Once you’ve finished your challenge and worked up a sweat, you might be wondering what you can you do with the money you’ve earned. We pride ourselves on helping people achieve their financial goals, whether you’re aiming to get your foot on the property ladder, you want to see more of the world, or you’re planning the perfect wedding day. Here are a few top suggestions for what you can do with your money fit gym challenge earnings:

Grab a Free Food Shop

The weekly groceries are an unavoidable cost. If you’ve got some lofty savings goals, try to find small ways to cut down on your weekly shop. One great way to do this is by swapping from major names to your supermarket’s own brands. You could find yourself making some serious savings on your weekly shop without even tasting a difference! Our gym challenge money can help out too, by letting you grab a food shop or two without adding it to your credit card. After all, every little helps!

Make Gift-giving Easier

When you’re trying to save money, it can be difficult when a family member’s birthday approaches. You may not have much money available, but you also don’t want a loved one to think you’ve forgotten about them. With our little financial boost, you can celebrate with your family and friends without the fear that you’re taking a step back with your savings.

Keep it as a Fuel Fund

Keeping your car topped up is another expense that can chip away at your savings. You may not think too much about your petrol costs if you keep putting them on a credit or debit card, but even a small amount of petrol every week or two can become a serious money drain. Why not use your gym challenge cash as a fuel fund so you can keep petrol costs off your card bills for a few weeks?

To learn how to save money every day and start making strides towards your money goals, check out our blog