New marriage and new baby in the same year? How to not go broke

By Bianca Mungalsingh

Take a look at our money saving tips for anyone experiencing the double whammy of wedding & a baby.

Weddings and babies are two things that can be very expensive if you don't plan well. The average cost of a UK wedding is £27,000 and the average spend on babies before their first year is £1400. If you've found yourself or plan to get pregnant just before or after your wedding, don't panic. Take a look at our list of money saving tips for anyone experiencing the double whammy of a wedding and a baby.


DIY decorations that double as nursery decor

If you're really resourceful and have an artistic streak, you can create your own wedding decorations, with the inspiration and guidance from a wealth of Pinterest boards, Instagram posts and handcraft 'how to' blogs like Something Turquoise. For instance, to recreate this rustic wedding, you can recycle milk and wine bottles to use as vases and centrepieces with paper flowers, paint stencils hearts into low-cost burlap fabric to make dainty bunting, use old, painted cartons to collect cards and gifts, and paint old picture frames where you can place handmade menu cards.

You can then take reuse those items, placing your own hand-drawn animal characters in the frames, to create a rustic, gorgeous nursery for any gender. Voila, you've decorated a wedding and a nursery for less than £200!

Ask for gift vouchers for wedding presents

Won't be afraid to explicitly tell your guests that if they want to give a gift, that you are only accepting vouchers, that way you will have the choice of spending them on stuff you want or essential items for the baby.

You may not want to have a registry list with baby items in it but you can specify which companies you would like the vouchers to be bought from. Shops like John Lewis, Next, TKMaxx, Boots and even Tesco or ASDA would be ideal, or you can request Love2shop vouchers, which you can spend at a number of retailers.

Sell your non-kid-friendly furniture

Time flies so fast when you're having fun with your baby. Blink a few times and they are crawling and walking and you will need to baby proof your house. If you live in a small flat or house, it won't be easy to find places to store you baby-unfriendly furniture indefinitely so selling it could be your best option. You may also need to get rid of beds or cupboards to make room for a nursery.

eBay is excellent for selling used items. It takes minutes to post, you can choose collection or delivery and will often have a sale within a month, at competitive prices above what you might have imagined. There are also great alternatives to eBay like Preloved and Gumtree. If you sell all of your unwanted stuff, you may be able to cover all you newborn baby costs with your earnings.

Discover the vast world of second hand stuff

For anything from stainless cookware and lush sofas to designer clothes and baby walkers, if you know where to look, you can get everything you need at one tenth the cost. Sign up to and scour Gumtree, Preloved, SnaffleUp or Freegle for things people are giving away, find your favourite nearby charity shops (some have better quality stuff than others) and sign up to local 'buy and sell' groups on Facebook.

For baby stuff, join Mummy’s Gin Fund and NetMums, visit NCT Nearly New Sales near you and get the info on the frequent clothes swaps happening at local churches. Don't be afraid to ask friends and relatives with babies for their used toys and baby clothes so that they'll think of you first when they're inevitably giving things away.

Avoid the gimmicks and just buy essentials

Preparing for a new baby does not have to break the bank or require hours of research and trawling shops comparing dozens of strollers and cots. Take a look at our baby essentials article for a slimmed-down, money-saving list.

Bypass Credit Card Interest Payments

It's not uncommon to go into debt after a wedding. Avoid those nasty credit card payments by moving your debt onto a Balance Transfer card, which allows you to pay it off, interest-free, over 35-45 months, with a one-off 3% fee for the transfer. It's that simple! To know more about this, check out our handy guide here.

Top Takeaway

You don't have to have the wedding of the year or a designer nursery to create lasting memories of these life milestones. Being creative and resourceful means that ultimately a lot of you will be represented in the decor and you will feel right at home during your big day and while putting your baby to sleep at night in her nursery.

Author bio: Bianca is a mumpreneur who is most passionate about writing and education, and uses both to share her experience, tell heartfelt stories and support people, like young mums and newlyweds, on their similar journeys.

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