Simple money saving tips around the house

By Charlotte Yau

Learn how to reduce electricity, gas and water bills by making simple changes around the house.

Once you rent or own your own home you become aware that there is way more to pay than your landlord or mortgage providers. Gas, water, electricity, TV licence, internet and council tax all need to be paid on time, and once added together the costs can be pretty high.

However, there are loads of ways to save money at home. Each tip will help you save just a little bit of cash now, but you’ll really feel the benefits in the long-term and they could put hundreds extra in your pocket.

How to reduce electricity and gas bills

Switch providers

More electricity and gas providers out there means more competition! This is good news for you, the consumer because the big companies fight it out for your business by offering competitive rates to new customers. What’s more, if you’ve been with the same company for years, you could be paying more than new customers are. Get off this higher rate by switching suppliers.


The amount you’re paying to heat your house doesn’t just come down to the fuel you’re using, but also the heat you’re losing. The less heat you lose, the less you’ll pay to stay warm. Insulating your home is a great way to keep the heat in, but if you’re a renter, it’s likely not an option. So, turn down your thermostat by just one degree. Don’t heat your house when you’re not there. Turn the heating off for weekends away, and set the timer so that it’s off while you’re at work and only on for a few hours during the night.

Invest in draft proofing kits

Seal up any air gaps in your homes with a draft proofing kit. Drafts will be caused by your windows and floorboards most likely, and filling any gaps or cracks in them will stop precious warmth being lost.

How to reduce water bills

Machine wash, don’t handwash

Despite what some claim, handwashing dishes and pots actually uses more water than using a dishwasher.


Keep a jug of water in the fridge

This will prevent you from running your tap several times a day until it runs cold and you’ll have nice, chilled water on-hand quickly! Same goes for heating water; heat it on your stove, instead of waiting for it to get hot.


Shower smarter

When it comes to washing, take showers rather than baths. Make those showers a couple of minutes shorter and look at swapping to a low-flow showerhead. All three changes will add up to make quite the difference to your water usage and, in turn, your bank balance.

How to reduce internet and TV bills

Just as electricity and gas providers have been forced to get competitive, so have internet and TV package providers. Companies like Sky, Virgin Media, BT and others are constantly offering new deals and packages to entice new customers. It could well be worth leaving your provider when your current contract is up (so you don’t face any exit fees) and moving elsewhere.

If you want or need to stay with your current provider but want to reduce costs, give them a call. There may well be a cheaper package you can switch to, one with fewer TV channels or recording capabilities, for example.

There isn’t a great deal you can do about your TV licence bill, unfortunately, aside from not watching any live TV (plus BBC iPlayer) in the home and cancelling it. If you want to keep your licence, however, be aware that you can pay in instalments, rather than in one fell swoop.

Energy efficiency

There are some free kits out there that aim to encourage us all to be more energy efficient. This can range from solar panels to insulation, boilers, and even replacing the lights in your living room. The energy efficiency of every device should either be labelled on its side or included in its instruction manual, on a grade of between A+++ and D. Inspect everything you have with an energy efficiency label and consider upgrading them to more efficient models if they score poorly. While A or B-grade lightbulbs can be replaced when you have money to spare, a D-grade boiler should be a priority in order for you to start saving money right away.

Other smart tips

There are even more effective ways to reduce bills around the home:

Are there any bonuses available from any of your suppliers by paying them in a way that is more convenient for them?

Unplug! Standby mode on TVs and games consoles swallow more electricity than you might think, while some phone chargers continue to suck up energy even if they’re not attached to a phone.

Don’t do half loads in washing machines, tumble dryers or dishwashers. Wait another half day or half a week and do full loads to make the most of the water and electricity you’ll be using.

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