4:44 vs. Lemonade - Who Spent More?

By Charlotte Yau

Known for name-dropping designer labels and fancy cars, Jay Z and Beyoncé's most recent albums dominated the music world

Jay Z’s latest album, 4:44, took the music world by storm when it dropped in June. It topped the US Billboard 200 upon its release and is being praised as some of Jay Z’s best and most personal work to date. Many critics have also noted that 4:44 is a reply to Beyoncé’s album Lemonade, which was a raving success last year and featured several lyrics that alluded to infidelity from Jay Z.

Combined with the often-boastful nature of RnB and hip-hop music, the two albums paint an interesting picture of the couple’s turbulent love life and spending habits. So, we decided to dive into each song’s lyrics to see who shelled out more over the course of their album and how the couple approached talking about their life together.

Jay Z breaks the bank

The first things we looked at was the total value of everything mentioned on both albums. As you can see from the graph above, Jay Z’s over $184 million value dwarfs Beyoncé’s total spend of near $600,000. That’s quite a credit card bill, but where does all that money come from?

Well, it’s easy to rack up some serious cash when you open your album with $20 million in the song “Kill Jay Z”. Trips to Paris, a private jet, and 16 bottles of Ace of Spades champagne (which he happens to own) are just some of the extravagant items that Jay Z brags about, while Beyoncé’s lyrics keep her shopping list relatively short (with Louis Vuitton and Givenchy clothing both getting mentions).

Blame it on the alcohol

Both artists have liquor on the brain, with their albums frequently name-dropping brands of alcohol. Beyoncé’s songs contain many luxury cognacs and whiskeys, including Hennessy, Yamazaki, and D’USSÉ, while Jay Z has his own expensive entries with Belvedere and CÎROC. He also gives Guinness a quick shout out in his song ‘Bam’!

Jay Z’s shopping list includes a great wealth of items, from guns to artwork, and even a Pyrex dish! His lyrics include everything from $120 million mansions to watching The Godfather (which he surely owns on Blu-ray).

Jay Z isn’t ‘sorry’

Finally, we come to the real story behind the lyrics: Jay Z and Beyoncé’s love life. Several lines from Lemonade, most notably the mention of “Becky with the good hair” in ‘Sorry’, were seen as accusations that Jay Z had been unfaithful. This may be why Beyoncé speaks so much about love at the beginning and end of her album, while the middle sees many sarcastic apologies with the line “Sorry, I ain’t sorry.”

Jay Z was under serious fire in the press after Lemonade’s release, though 4:44 doesn’t seem to be an effective apology. For starters, he doesn’t say the word ‘sorry’ in the entire album, not even in the song ‘Family Feud’ which featured Beyoncé herself!

For more insight into the crazy spending habits of the rich and famous, including everything else you could get for the cost of Beyoncé’s wardrobe from her ‘Formation’ video, check out our Celebrity Spends article.

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