Cheap anniversary ideas

By James Story

Looking to celebrate your anniversary without having to go overboard? Search no more...

Just because funds are tight doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate a special anniversary. No matter how long you've been with your loved one, here are a whole of bunch of affordable anniversary ideas for activities and events that won’t break the bank.

Make photo books

Sitting down together on your own laptops, iPads or computers and making digital photo books is a fun activity to do together. You can celebrate the previous year together or select, special occasions. If you have children, one of you can make a book featuring the kids, and the other can make a book of just you two as a couple. Then, once they arrive, they work as cheap anniversary gifts to give one another.

Recreate a special meal

If going out for a fancy restaurant meal to celebrate your anniversary is out of your price bracket, eat like a king and queen at home instead. Whether you buy the ingredients yourself or order takeaway, it’s pretty much always going to be cheaper than eating out.

Any alcohol you drink certainly will be. How about recreating a special meal? This might be what you ate on your first date, the day you got engaged or what you ate on your wedding day.

Watch your wedding video

If you have a wedding video, the chances are you haven’t watched it in a while. Dig it out and have a movie night. Make it like you’re at the cinema with some drinks and a big tub of popcorn.

How could reminiscing about what was probably the best day of your life not be fun? You could even make wedding video bingo of all the things you remember happening and being said. Whoever wins gets a foot rub.

Enjoy a restaurant breakfast

Another cheap anniversary idea is to have a celebratory meal in the morning rather than the evening. Breakfast menus are almost always cheaper than lunch and dinner menus. Make it extra special with a small glass of Prosecco or Bucks Fizz each.

Build a den

Who says kids get to have all the fun? If you’re still big kids at heart, how about making a den! Grab bed sheets and towels and hang them from the ceiling, then drape some battery-powered fairy lights inside.

Take your mattress off your bed and put it in the den, then scatter it with all the pillows, cushions and blankets you can find. Then it’s yours to use however you wish; watch movies, read books or just have a natter.

Games night

Got a cupboard full of dusty old board games? Then dig them out. Chances are you’ll have forgotten how much fun you can have with a game of Monopoly or Pictionary. Don’t forget playing cards, too. Here is a sweet idea. Play a game of Jenga and, for each wooden box you pull out, write a message to the other person. Once the game is over, exchange your blocks and read what they say. This also makes a nice keepsake.

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