No money for presents?
Just ______.

Sell your body to science.

Bust out the credit card.

Make homemade gifts out of your finest loo roll.

Stop wasteful spending by

Freezing your credit cards. Literally.

Growing incredible dreadlocks.

Getting blackout drunk to forget.

Life pro tip ______.

Wear the brown pants.

Newspapers and toilet paper don’t have to be different.

Rice goes with everything. EVERYTHING.

Cut down on energy bills by ______.

Having sex. All. Day. Long.

Breaking out the Christmas jumpers.

Straight up freezing your ass off.

Impress your date with ______.

Your taxidermy cat collection.

A fine velveteen suit.

Netflix and chill.

Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll ______.

Be a god among men.

Spread disease.

Struggle to find a use for a penny.

Doing rounds at the pub? ______.

It’s payday. Bust out the champers.

Backdoor it on your turn.

Value lager for everyone!

If I won the lottery I would ______.

Make my family my personal servants.

Take a bath in diamonds.

Diversify my portfolio.

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