Being energy efficient is great for homeowners that want to save a few quid each month, but how much of a priority are they to UK households and how much cash could we be putting back in our pockets?

We did a little research and surveyed 2,000 British homeowners on their plans to make energy efficiencies and delved into the barriers that stop them from doing so. Interested in saving a bit of cash through energy efficiencies? Our handy home energy calculator could help you out.

The average cost of chosen energy efficiencies was taken from online research into suppliers of each efficiency. Data on energy savings was gathered from published research and reputable energy saving organisations.

  • 57% of UK homeowners want to make more energy efficiencies in their homes.
  • Triple Glazing is the most desirable home energy efficiency. 46% would look to install it if there were no financial, circumstantial and legislative barriers.
  • 61% of homes earning under £50,000 a year said that making energy efficiencies in their home was "too expensive".
  • Norwich is the UK's most energy-conscious city. 69% of homeowners want to make more energy efficiencies.