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1 GB gigabag

1 GB gigabag - 1 GB mobile Internet for a month

For only £7.50 get our 1 GB mobile Internet data plan for one month mobile broadband usage in the UK.

To get your 1 GB gigabag you first need to get a SIM card and activate it online. If you already have an active SIM card, you can purchase this goodybag/gigabag from the top-up page. If you already have an active goodybag/gigabag, you can purchase a second one making it start right after the current one expires.

What could I get for 1GB?

Basic Emails1,000,000
Emails (with attachments)2,000
Download/stream music200 songs
Download/stream video
(Standard definition)
2 hours
Listening to radio online16 hours

We now offer 4G as standard
Great news. Our gigabags now include 4G UK data as standard at no extra cost. Result. You can now experience faster download speeds, which means quicker browsing, less time buffering videos and more gaming on the go.

Still have a 3G device?
Don’t worry. You don’t need to have a 4G-ready device to enjoy life with us. You can still use our improved gigabags with your current device, you’ll just be using the 3G data service instead of 4G.

What happens if I exceed 1GB?
If you've used up your 1GB before your gigabag expires, we’ll notify you and give you a 50MB buffer for free. Once you run out of your buffer allowance, you’ll be charged at 2p/MB for the remaining life of your gigabag. Once your gigabag expires standard rates will apply.

Early repurchase
No need to panic if you’ve used up all your 1GB of 4G data. You can start your next gigabag early to continue enjoying data with a fresh allowance.

What devices can I use my gigabag with?
Our gigabags allow you to download data and access the Internet from any 3G- or 4G-enabled device, including an iPad, tablet, PC, laptop, mobile internet dongle or using your smartphones tethering feature.

Do I get calls and texts with a gigabag?
The gigabag itself only includes UK data, though you do get free calls and texts to other giffgaff numbers. For any other services standard rates apply.

Can I tether with my gigabag?
Yes, you sure can. You can tether with our 1GB gigabag, after you reach that limit tethering will no longer be available. Tethering will work on all smartphones and other devices with an inbuilt tethering feature, such as iPads, laptops, dongles and tablets.

Free calls and texts to giffgaff numbers
Enjoy calls and texts to other giffgaff numbers for free. These calls and texts don’t eat into your goodybag allowance or airtime balance. Result.

Top up or buy a gigabag every 3 months by voucher or credit/debit card to continue free to giffgaff calls and texts. Free giffgaff to giffgaff calls last for 60 mins per call. So you’ll need to hang up and re-dial if you want to keep talking for free.

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