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500 MB gigabag

500 MB gigabag - 500 MB mobile Internet for a month

For only £5 get our 500 MB mobile Internet data plan for one month mobile broadband usage in the UK.

To get your 500 MB gigabag you first need to get a SIM card and activate it online. If you already have an active SIM card you can purchase this goodybag from the top-up page. If you already have an active goodybag, you can purchase a second one making it start right after the current one expires.

What could I get for 500MB?

Standard emails500,000
Emails (With attachments)1,000
Download/Stream Music100 songs
Download/Stream Video1 hour
Listening to Online radio8 hours

What happens if I exceed 500MB?
If you've used up your 500 MB before your gigabag expires, we will notify you and give you a 50 MB buffer for free. Once you run out of your buffer allowance, you will be charged at 2p/MB for the remaining life of your gigabag. Once your gigabag expires standard rates will apply.

Note: If you run out of data don't worry; you can replace it with a new goodybag with a early repurchase. Now that's awesome.

What devices can I connect?
Our gigabags allow you to access the internet from any 3G-enabled device, including an iPad or any other Tablet PC, laptop, mobile internet dongle or using your smartphones tethering feature. Tethering will work with all smartphones except for BlackBerry.

Do I get calls and texts with a gigabag?

The gigabag itself only includes UK mobile internet, for any other services standard rates apply.

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