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Becoming a beta app tester

What is the giffgaff beta app?

The giffgaff beta app is a test version of the giffgaff app. It offers most of the functionality of the offical app, with a few new features we'll be testing from time to time. Some of these features will eventually find their way to the main app.

As this is a beta, things may be a bit buggy. So your feedback would be super helpful in making our official app a whole heap better.

How do I download the giffgaff beta app?

It's super easy, just follow the links below:

In the case of iOS devices you’ll need to install TestFlight (on your phone) and follow a few simple steps to get up and tapping.

How do I give feedback for the giffgaff beta app?

We'd love as much feedback about the app as you can give us. We're making improvements with it all the time.

Are you having problems with the giffgaff beta app?

If you don't want to be one of our testers and just want to download our offical app, head over to Google Play or the App store and do your thing.

Did this solve your problem? If not, pop over to our friendly community for a quick response. Or ask one of our helpful agents for an answer within 24 hours.