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Guide to giffgaff emails

giffgaff observes a "No Spam" policy and will only contact you with account related information (e.g. confirmation of changes of personal details), community subscriptions or for marketing communication you opted into.

Troubleshoot issues with emails

If you're expecting an email from giffgaff (like a password reset email or a points / usage statement) and it hasn't appeared in your inbox then please check the following:

  • Check spelling of your email address

The most common reason why our members do not receive our emails is that we have a wrong address in our database. You can verify and correct your email address in your account settings. We will automatically quarantine any email addresses that have typo's or are automatically flagged as spam.

  • Check your SPAM folder

Please check your SPAM folder for emails from: "no_reply@giffgaff.com" and "ask an agent" response emails. It you find that our emails are spammed by your email provider, you can add all @giffgaff.com addresses to your contact list so they will be delivered to your inbox.

  • Change email address

If you've entered your work email address, our emails may be stopped by the Spam filter from your company. Some businesses have very strict spam filters which stop emails from unknown domains coming through so we advise to change your email address to a personal one under your account settings.

  • Opt-in to marketing communication

If the email you are expecting is a marketing communication, make sure you're opted in. To check your marketing preferences head to: My giffgaff > contact permission and check that both boxes are ticked. You need to be opted in before midnight the previous day to be included in these communications.

Once you've done the above, one way to test these changes is to request a password reset (don't worry it won't reset your password until you click on the URL in the email). If you receive this email in your inbox, your problem is solved.

Error codes from email service providers

In order to help you identify the different reasons why an email is not delivered, we listed below the error codes which are sent back to us by the email service providers.

  • User unknown

Domain exists, but username typically mis-typed. Typical error message we'll see:

  • 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable
  • 550 No Such User Here
  • 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn't have a yahoo.com account (youremail @ yahoo. co. uk) [0] - mta1337.mail.bf1.yahoo.com

What to do: Update your email address under My giffgaff.

  • Invalid domain

Domain typically mis-typed. Example errors:

  • DNS request failed for 'gmail.co.uk'.
  • DNS request failed for 'btinternet.com'.
  • DNS request failed for 'cnxltd.com'.
  • DNS request failed for 'hotmail.co.uk'.

What to do: Update your email address under My giffgaff.

  • Account disabled

The ISP or user has closed the email account. Typical error message include things like:

  • 554 delivery error: dd Sorry your message to >youremail @ yahoo. co. uk cannot be delivered. This account has been disabled or discontinued [#102]. - mta1004.mail.ir2.yahoo.com

Looks like the email account you've listed doesn't exist any more, start with your ISP or update your email address in My giffgaff to one that you use more often.

  • Blocked address

User has marked no_reply@giffgaff.com as Spam or ISP has put it in the junk box. Typical error message is something like:

  • Inbound e-mail bounce (rule 'Feedback_loop_Yahoo' has matched this bounce).
  • Inbound e-mail bounce (rule 'Feedback_loop_Hotmail' has matched this bounce).
  • Inbound e-mail bounce (rule 'Feedback_loop_Aol' has matched this bounce).

What can you do: If the email address you've listed is correct, check your junk/spam folder for no_reply@giffgaff.com - your ISP has indicated you don't want to receive email anymore, so we've stopped sending them to you. Add no_reply@giffgaff.com to your contact list, send a message to Ask an Agent to ask that your email address is taken out of quarantine.

  • Refused

ISP not allowing email through. Typical error messages include things like:

  • 554 Relay Access Denied - psmtp
  • 550 Blocked
  • 550 5.7.0 Rejected as spam Inbound e-mail bounce (rule 'Feedback_loop_Hotmail' has matched this bounce).

What to do: As above, under blocked.

  • Mailbox full

Email address full up, ISP not allowing any more emails to be sent. Typical error messages include things like:

  • 552 5.1.1 Boite du destinataire pleine. Recipient overquota. OUK_417 [417]
  • 552 4.2.2 User has full mailbox.
  • 451 4.2.1 Mailbox busy, try again later
  • 552-Requested mail action aborted: exceeded storage allocation Quota exceeded. For explanation visit http://postmaster.web.de/error-messages

What to do: Clear some space from your inbox. This is a soft bounce, if you clear some space by the time we re-try sending you an email, it should be received fine.

  • Not defined

Typically means email address has been manually entered into blocked list, usually a request via a member asking an agent.

Manage marketing emails

Occasionally we send emails updating members about product and service changes and also other useful information such as recent usage and recommended plan.

You need to be opted in to receive marketing messages. To check your preferences please login and then head to:

giffgaff's database is updated overnight so please allow time for these changes to take effect.

Personalised points and usage statement

Every month we send a Points update and usage statement which includes a recommended plan based on your previous usage and includes savings you've made over the past month.

We send this email on or around the 5th business day of each month. You need to be opted in to marketing prior to the first of the month to be included in this email.

If you've just joined - you'll receive your first statement email the following month.

Please note: It isn't possible for us to resend marketing emails to individuals - please ensure your contact information is correct and that you've opted in to receiving marketing messages.

Did this solve your problem? If not, pop over to our friendly community for a quick response. Or ask one of our helpful agents for an answer within 24 hours.