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Guide to refurbished phones

We are now offering refurbished phones as part of our phone range to help giffgaffers who want to save that little bit more.

What is a refurbished phone?

Refurbished phones are second-hand devices that have gone through careful testing. We make sure all giffgaff refurbished phones run perfectly, with no faults. All data is cleansed and we give you the same 12-month warranty as our new phones. The main difference? These are easier on the old bank statement and better for the environment.

We offer different levels of refurbished products based on their condition:

  • Like new: So good, youll think its brand new. In fact, most of these are new; they have been bought new and returned unused. We still check for faults and data cleanse them, so youre good to go. Glorious.
  • Excellent: These phones might have some light marks on the body. But we make sure the screens look pristine and that they run like new. Result.
  • Very good: Phones that have enjoyed a bit of time in pockets and bags, and therefore might have a few marks. But they will be data cleansed and better value for your cash. Nice one.
  • Good: Loved by their previous owners, so you might see more wear and tear. But trust us, these cheeky devices are beautiful on the inside and eagerly await a new home.

Refurbished phones mostly come from our members and other recycling sources, this does mean the stock is limited and there is little visibility on when or if a specific model will be back in stock. Though we do recommend checking back on site mid-week.

All our refurbished phones come unlocked, ready for a SIM from any UK network. Nice one

How does it differ from a new phone?

You may see some signs of wear and tear, depending on the condition. The biggest differences though are the price and the fact that refurbished devices are better for the planet.

It comes in a giffgaff-branded box and only includes: 

  • The phone
  • A data/charging cable 
  • A SIM key (if the phone requires it). 

To save on unnecessary packaging, refurbished phones do not come with any other accessories such as a mains plug, user manual or headphones etc.

But you still get exactly what you need from a new handset:

  • Fully tested, unlocked and data cleansed 
  • 12-month warranty
  • Unlocked to any network

So, you’ll get a terrific unlocked, second-hand phone that looks and works like new, costs less and is better for the environment. Winning.

How to purchase a refurbished phone

A refurbished phone can be bought in the exact same way as a buying a giffgaff phone.

Refurbished phones are available on the Refurbished by giffgaff page.

Once you’ve selected the phone you want to purchase, you'll be able to select if you want to pay for the phone in full right now or spread the cost monthly with a loan from Ratesetter.

The delivery methods and timescales are the same for all the phones sold by giffgaff.

The Return Policy

How to return a faulty phone and the cancellation policy for refurbished phones is the same as for new phones with one exception. Because the stock of refurbished phones is limited, we reserve the right to refund the original price paid for the phone, if no suitable replacement is available when we process your return.

Tips and Tricks

As refurbished phones come without accessories, you may find yourself wondering what you will do without a mains charger or headphones. We have listed a few tricks to help you use your phone as soon as you receive it.

Mains plug

To save on unnecessary packaging, we don’t include a mains plug with our refurbished phones. However, almost every phone we sell uses a USB cable to charge. This means that any USB plug will work with the charging cable, so if you are replacing an old phone, you will most likely have a plug already.

Alternatively, the USB charging cable can be plugged into a PC or laptop to charge.


Most phones still use a standard 3.5mm headphone socket, so if you already own a pair of wired headphones, they will usually work. However, there are exceptions, such as with the newer iPhone models, which require an adapter to use wired headsets.

Alternatively, the vast majority of modern phones have bluetooth connectivity, which means that you can use any bluetooth headset with these devices.

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