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Guide to texting 43430 (Inbound SMS)

We found out that some of our giffgaff members were answering our automatic texts with specific queries, so we devised a way to answer them. This system identifies keywords in SMS sent to 43430 and triggers an appropriate response. We call it Inbound SMS.

Here are the messages you will receive when you send specific keywords to 43430.

  • "Number" - "Your phone number is {phone number}, your membername is {membername}. To see this info including your balance, head here: giffgaff.com/dashboard"
  • "User name", "Membername", "Username" - "Your membername is {membername}. Just so you know, your personalised order link is giffgaff.com/orders/affiliate/{membername}"
  • "Balance", "Allowance", "How much" - "To check your remaining balance dial *100# from your phone. For remaining goodybag minutes dial *100*7#."
  • "Auto" - "Check your auto top-up settings head to: giffgaff.com/profile/payment-details. If you had a failed payment you'll need to top-up again to reset your auto top-up"
  • "Goody", "Bag", "Bundle", "Goodybag", "Goodi" - "To check your current goodybag minute balance and expiry date dial *100*7# or head to my giffgaff: giffgaff.com/dashboard (membername: {membername})"
  • "Password", "PWD", "Pass", "Forgotten" - "Click here to reset your password: giff.ly/pw_reset. Your reset email will be sent to {email} Just so you know your membername is: {membername}"
  • "Top", "Topup", "Credit", "Pounds", "£" - "To buy a goodybag: head online to giffgaff.com. To use a top-up voucher, head online or call 43430 & enter your top-up voucher number. Check balance dial *100#"
  • "MMS", "Picture" - "For MMS settings see giff.ly/gg_settings. You'll need credit to send a MMS as they cost 30p. To check your balance dial *100#"
  • "Stop", "Cancel", "Opt" - "To unsubscribe from giffgaff marketing text/email communications, please head to: giffgaff.com/profile/details and update your preferences."

Note: Texting STOP will not change members preferences. They must log into My giffgaff and change their settings.

  • "Payback", "Points" - "To check your latest points tally which is updated monthly - head to my giffgaff: giffgaff.com/dashboard(membername: {membername})"
  • "Email" - "Auto response: To update your email address, please log in and update it  here: giffgaff.com/profile/details (membername: {membername})"
  • "Plan", "Recommended" -

Older than 30 days: "Recommended plan: {RecommendedPlan} (last 30 days use to non giffgaff U.K. numbers: {mins}, {texts} texts, {MB}) giff.ly/ggdeals"

New, not used phone for more than 28 days. "Since dd/mm you've used: {mins} mins, {texts}texts, {MB}MB. We can recommend a plan for you once you've used giffgaff for a month. For advice see giff.ly/ggdeals"

New, just started using giffgaff, summary not available yet: "We don't have enough information about how you've used your phone yet to give you a recommended plan. Check back again in a week's time."

Note: The recommended plan is based on a members usage done on a 30-day rolling basis. Usage will be up to 2 days old

  • "Help", "Never", "Not working", "Question" - "Auto response: As we're an online only company, to get help please head to: giffgaff.com/support or ask the community who can assist 24/7"
  • "MGM", "Spread" - "Your membername is {membername}. Just so you know, your personalised order link is giffgaff.com/orders/affiliate/{membername}"
  • "App", "Download" -

iOS "Hey you, you can download the iOS app here: giff.ly/gg_iApp"

Android "Hey you, you can download the Android app here: giff.ly/Andr_app"

Fire OS "Hey you, you can download the Fire OS app here: giff.ly/Amzn_app"

Unknown "Hey you, the My giffgaff app is currently available to download on the following operating systems: Android giff.ly/Andr_app Apple giff.ly/gg_iApp Fire OS giff.ly/Amzn_app"

Note: We auto-detect members' devices where we can to make sure we're sending the relevant link. If we can't detect it for whatever reason, we'll send them links for all of our apps so they can pick.

Note: giff.ly/43430SMS directs back to this guide.

Did this solve your problem? If not, pop over to our friendly community for a quick response. Or ask one of our helpful agents for an answer within 24 hours.