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Guide to the usage statement

The usage statement page is a great way to check your recent usage and make sure that you are using the most appropriate goodybag for your usage. This article describes the different sections available on this statement so you can track your balance and your recent goodybags.

For new members who have only activated a SIM or have not used their SIM within the last 30 days may see a banner that reads: "Oops.You have an active SIM but you've not yet used it. Start using it to get access to your usage statement."

Please allow 32 days from the first usage for your statement page to be updated.

View your usage statement

My goodybags and My balance

My goodybags

This section is also available in My giffgaff. It reflects your current airtime balance and your goodybag allowance. This section is automatically updated within a few seconds of each time you use your phone.

The same information can be obtained from your phone, by simply dialing:

  • *100# - To check your balance
  • 43430 - The Top up line
  • *100*7# - For your current goodybag minutes allowance

My balance

This section shows how you've used your airtime balance in the past 30 days. It shows usage you've been charged for (i.e. usage not included in any active goodybag you may have had).

If you have not used any of your credit or not had a goodybag within the last 32 days then this page will be unavailable.

  • Data: balance spent using mobile data in the UK
  • Minutes: balance spent calling UK phone numbers while in the UK
  • Texts: balance spent texting UK phone numbers (including MMS) while in the UK
  • International: balance spent calling and texting foreign phone numbers (including MMS) from the UK
  • Roaming: balance spent using your phone abroad (See here for more information about roaming)
  • Premium rate: balance spent sending and receiving texts or calling premium rate services (including subscriptions)

Please Note: This section is updated once a day around 8.00 AM. It contains data up to the previous day.

If you experience any problems viewing this page then you should first logout and then log back in again. 

goodybag summary

This section contains information about your past 3 goodybags. For each goodybag, you can check how many minutes, texts and data you used.

goodybags include calls and texts to UK phone numbers when you are in the UK (including roaming in the EU and selected countries). Calls to voicemail are charged at 1 minute, whatever their duration. Regular calls are charged per second after the first minute. Calls lasting less than 1 minute are charged as 1 full minute.

Free calls and texts to other giffgaff numbers and calls to the top-up line are not charged from your goodybag. Therefore they're not tracked in this section.

Your 5 most recent airtime credit transactions

This section contains the last 5 transactions that weren't included in any active goodybag you may have had. So it basically shows the last 5 times you used your phone and were charged from your airtime balance.

This section is updated once a day around 8.00 AM. It contains transactions from the previous day. Therefore it won't include anything from today.

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