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Tethering policy

Tethering is sharing or using your mobile Internet connection for another device (e.g. modems, dongles, tablets, laptop or desktop computers) through a WiFi hotspot, a USB connection or any other connectivity method.

Is tethering allowed?

Tethering is allowed on all our goodybags and when internet data is being paid for using credit (PAYG).

What will happen if I tether?

If you tether with a goodybag using your data allowance, your allowance is shared between all connected devices. If you use up your data before the goodybag expires, we will send a notification to your device to let you know. You will then be charged at 5p per MB from your credit balance (PAYG) for the remaining life of your goodybag, unless, of course, you have our £25 Always On plan. Once your goodybag expires standard rates for mobile data will apply.

In the case of the £25 Always On goodybag you won't be ever charged anything extra while in the UK, however data speeds are throttled between 8am and midnight if you use more than 80 GB in a month.

If you have no goodybag and still want to tether using your credit (PAYG) you'll be charged our standard rates for mobile data. If you tether using your credit balance (PAYG) you'll be able to do so until your credit runs out.

Tethering while roaming

You can tether in the EU and selected destinations, just like you do at home. If you use up all your goodybags data while roaming, youll be charged our standard pay as you go rates. Well, unless youre on our £20 or £25 Always On goodybags. They work slightly differently.

When it comes to the £25 Always On goodybag, after you use 80 GB of full speed 4G data you’ll be charged 0.36p/MB while roaming in the EU.

In the case of our £20 goodybag you get 80 GB of data in total, 20 GB of which can be used while roaming in the EU and selected destinations. If you use all your roaming allowance, youll then be charged 0.36p/MB. If you use up your UK allowance as well (so all 80 GB of that goodybags data) youll then be charged our standard pay as you go rates.

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