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When do I get EU roaming included?

We automatically include EU roaming when you’re on holiday for members who live in the UK and have frequent UK usage. So if your travels mean you’re not spending much time in the UK, your eligibility for EU roaming will expire and roaming will no longer be included in your goodybag. The only way to become eligible again is by returning to the UK and using your phone.

If you’re abroad and not eligible for EU roaming, we’ll send you an SMS advising that roaming will be switched off. Then we’ll send a reminder SMS a few days beforehand, and another one confirming it’s been switched off. From then you’ll be charged from your balance.

New to giffgaff?

If you’re a new member you mightn’t have used your account enough to qualify for roaming. Get in touch providing proof of UK residence so we can ensure you’re eligible. If you submit the required evidence at a later stage proving your eligibility, your inclusive roaming will be switched on again.

We typically require 2 types of documents:

  1. Proof of ID It can be a scanned copy / photo of either your passport or your driving licence (photo-card version is fine)
  2. Proof of residency (dated within last 3 months) This can be a recent mortgage, utility bill (gas, water, electric); current council tax bill; house or motor insurance certificate; credit card statement; university acceptance letter.

Once you've got them, contact our agents here, explain you are new to giffgaff and submit the documents by pressing the paperclip button. They will respond as soon as possible and will guide you through the next steps. In case you forgot to add the documents beforehand, don't worry. You will be given a chance to upload them later.

Note : Even after submitting a document as proof of residency, you'll still be subject to the same Fair Usage Policy.

Please see our Fair Usage Policy for more information.

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