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Why can’t I buy a goodybag?

I don't have a goodybag

If you dont have one it could be a number of things. Why not ask our friendly community helpers.

I have a goodybag

  • You still have minutes and data left in your current goodybag. If you try to buy a new goodybag while you still have more than 100MB or 100 minutes left, your goodybag will be queued but won't activate before the previous one expires
  • If it's after 9pm and your goodybag is expiring tonight or has already expired then the system 'locks out' all goodybag purchases until after midnight
  • Youve set your goodybag to recur. If you want to manually buy your next goodybag then switch off your recurring goodybag first here
  • You already have a queued goodybag. If you want to change the goodybag you have queued then you need to cancel your existing queued goodybag

If youre still stuck, ask our friendly community helpers. Theyll point you in the right direction.

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