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WiFi with giffgaff

With giffgaff you get access to WiFi on the London Underground with WiFi provided by Virgin Media. We’ve also teamed up with O2 to provide access to around 8,000 secure hotspots around the UK. Both of these are absolutely free, and you can opt in and out as you wish.

How to get set up

Getting set up is slightly different depending on what operating system you are using, but follow the same 3 steps:

  • Download the latest version of the giffgaff app for your device
  • Open the settings menu and choose “WiFi Extra”
  • Then either press “Install/launch Wi-Fi settings” or toggle the button to “On”

The settings will be installed to your phone and will mean that future connection should be seamless.

Please Note: Your WiFi connection will need to remain ON and you will also need an active SIM in order to use this service.

Installing on Android

In the app settings, you have a button to install WiFi Extra settings. Simple toggle the switch to “On”.

Please Note: Only available on Android versions 4.3 and above

How to remove it on Android

For Android versions 4 and 5, simply toggling the switch in the app back to “Off” will remove the settings.

For Android versions 6 and 7, toggling this switch will not remove the settings. You will need to go to the “advanced Wi-Fi settings” on your phone, then “saved networks”, then find the “Wi-Fi Extra” network and “forget” it or choose not to connect automatically.

Please Note: On Samsung Android versions 6 and 7, you cannot forget the network, and will need to reset all network settings to completely turn it off and stop auto-connecting.

Installing on iOS

In the app settings, you have a button to install WiFi Extra settings.

Please Note:

  1. You may get a pop up to allow the settings to be installed on to your device
  2. If a selection of devices appears please select the appropriate device to install the settings on.

Pressing this will take you to the phone settings where you can install. 

How to remove it on iOS

From your settings choose General> Profile> Wi-Fi Extra> Delete Profile.

Installing on Windows

In the app press “launch Wi-Fi settings”. Then scroll down to “Manage” or “Additional settings” – different versions have a different name for this page. Then toggle on to automatically connect to hotspots.

How to remove it on Windows

Launch your WiFi settings (like you did to turn it on), and toggle off the part about automatically connecting to hotspots.


Having the latest version of our giffgaff app might be the best solution. This will ensure you install the correct settings. For some members though, just turning it on doesn’t work so here is what you might want to try:

1. Do you have a dual SIM phone? In this case, make sure your primary SIM is the giffgaff one.

2. You have the latest app, the phone has the Wi-Fi On and also Wifi Extra is turned On/ installed via the app. The Internet doesnt work though.

Try a manual connection in this case.

  • Go to the list of WiFi networks
  • Find the one called ‘WiFi Extra’ and touch to connect
  • On the first drop (called EAP method) select SIM
  • Press Connect

3. What happens if the certificate is expired or not verified? Will the WiFi Extra work?

Yes, it will work if you have already installed the old certificate.

The certificate is something we renew every year and you may find yourself trying to install WiFi Extra with a version of the app which has the expired certificate - if so, simply update the app to the latest version and install WiFi Extra.

If you are not happy that the certificate is showing as "Not Verified", you can remove the old profile by going to Settings - General - Profiles - 'WiFi Extra' - and simply select "Remove Profile". Then, please install the latest version of the 'my giffgaff app' available for your device. and reinstall WiFi Extra.