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At giffgaff we don’t tie you down to a contract. Our great pay as you go rates give you the freedom and flexibility to control your mobile spending. Get in.

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Order your free giffgaff SIM before 5.00pm for next day delivery. It's just that simple.

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Great value and no contract

All of our plans are packed full of data, minutes and texts to last you all month. Plus, you can change or cancel your plan anytime. You're free to go, free to stay.

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Credit that goes further

Prefer to pay as you go? Our rates are just 5p/MB, 25p/min and 10p/text. Keep in touch with your mates for free with unlimited calls & text to giffgaff numbers.

Bring your number

Not many people like change. That’s why when you switch to us, you can keep your old number, no hassle or fuss. No more ‘Who’s this?’ texts. Huzzah.

Joining giffgaff is easy

  1. Get your SIM the next day when you order before 5pm, Mon-Fri.
  2. Activate your SIM at giffgaff.com
  3. Our SIMs come in 3 sizes and fit any phone. Winning.

Can I bring my number?

Switching networks is easier than ever. Just text PAC to 65075 and have your PAC code ready to use after you’ve activated your giffgaff SIM.

Should I choose a plan?

Our lowest price plan gives you 500 MB data + unlimited calls and texts for £6/month; no contracts. Keep the same plan the next month or choose a different one like our £10 goodybag with 6 GB if you think you'll need more data. Then change up or down again as you like. You're in control.

Oh, and pause it when you won't need it. Nice one.

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Should I choose credit instead?

With rates at just 25p/min, 10p/text and 5p/MB, if you're only using your phone now and then, pay as you go may be your best option.

Adding credit is super easy with card or top up vouchers.

Your credit will never expire while your SIM is active; that's about 6 months from your last use.

Check our international rates here.

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