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What is Payback?

Payback is our way of saying thank you to our lovely members for helping us run things around here. Bring new members to giffgaff or help out other members on our community chats and forums and we'll reward you with Payback points.

How do Payback points work?

1. Earn points
Each time you do something to earn Payback points (like bringing mates to giffgaff or helping out on the community) we'll add the points to your account.

2. Rack 'em up
We'll send you an update at the end of each month telling you how many Payback points you've earned.

3. Cash 'em in
Twice a year you can convert your points to cash, credit or a donation to charity. We pay these out twice a year, in June and December. Don't worry, we'll email you ahead of time to remind you.

To choose your Payback as cash you'll need to have earned a minimum of 1,000 points (£10).

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