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I am already a member, can I buy a new phone?

Of course you can. giffgaff phones are available to everybody, and it's even easier for existing members to buy one. Just select the phone you want and your payment options. That's it, you are ready to complete your order.

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Can I keep my number?

If you are already a giffgaff member, you can treat yourself with a new phone and keep on using your existing SIM card. You'll then keep your number and any active goodybag and credits. If you think you will need a SIM card of a different size to fit your new phone, don't worry all our phones come with a brand new SIM card. You can transfer your number, credit and goodybag to the new SIM card by performing a SIM Swap.

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Do I need to buy a goodybag?

Unlike new members, existing members do not need to select a goodybag when they are buying a phone. This means you can keep on using credit only, or your existing goodybag. If you are considering changing your goodybag next month to make the most of your new phone, make sure to change your recurrence settings right now.

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