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Becoming a giffgaff member

When you are purchasing a phone with giffgaff, we ask you to create a giffgaff account so we can process your order. You will then be able to use your giffgaff account to access information about your phone and interact with other giffgaff members.

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Your first goodybag

If you are not a giffgaff member already, we will ask you to select a goodybag when you purchase a phone. This goodybag lasts a month from the day you activate your new giffgaff SIM. It will be automatically renewed, but you can ask to change it from the next month onward. Make sure to select the most appropriate goodybag for your usage, and to make the most of your shiny new phone.

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goodybag rules

Once a goodybag is active, it is not possible to cancel or modify it. All goodybags are valid for a month and it's not possible to buy another goodybag during this period. Your goodybag purchases can be found on the Payment details page.

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