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SIM and number

How to block your SIM and phone

If you happen to lose your SIM card and/or phone, you will need to let us know so we can block them. The Lost and stolen page guides you through the most appropriate solution for each situation.

Let us know about your lost SIM

Learn more about lost and stolen SIM cards

Unbar your phone

If you recover a device that you asked to bar, you can ask an agent to unbar it. They will need its IMEI number, make sure to have it with you when you contact them (key in *#06# on your phone to display its IMEI). It is also possible to unbar a SIM card which has been temporarily barred.

Ask an agent to unbar your phone

Insurance claims

If you lose your phone, we will be happy to help you provide your insurer with a proof of usage.

Learn more about insurance claims

Ask for a proof of usage

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Ask the Community

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The Knowledge Base

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