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Ordering your first SIM

How do I order my first SIM?

It’s quick and easy to order a giffgaff SIM. Simply click below and then fill in the form on the SIM order page.

Order your free SIM

When ordering your SIM you can pre-select a goodybag plan so that it's ready to go when you activate your SIM.

Alternatively, you can order the SIM on its own and then choose a plan or add top-up credit when you activate.

And our awesomely-designed triple SIM card will fit any phone - standard, micro and nano.

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When will my SIM arrive?

Your giffgaff SIM should arrive within:

  • UK - 2 business days (or next business day if ordered before 4.00pm)
  • Europe - 3-5 business days
  • Rest of the world - 5+ business days

If you still haven't received your SIM after the suggested delivery times you can , or ask an agent about a SIM you ordered.

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