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SIM and number

Keep your number when you join giffgaff

To transfer your phone number to giffgaff, you first need to ask your old mobile provider for a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC). You can then use the transfer form to submit your PAC and choose a date for the transfer. If your number hasn't been transferred the day after the scheduled date, you can contact an agent about it. We can only transfer UK numbers to giffgaff.

Learn more about transferring your number

Transfer your number to a new SIM

When you change your SIM card to a different SIM (e.g. to change to a nano SIM) you can transfer your number and existing credit and goodybag by performing a SIM swap.

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Phone number deactivation

SIMs are deactivated if they aren’t used for 6 months. If you want to stop this, make sure you use your phone from time to time.

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Get a giffgaff PAC code

If you’re leaving giffgaff for another mobile provider, you'll probably want to keep your number. To transfer your number, you’ll need to give a PAC to your new network.

Get a PAC code

Get a giffgaff STAC code

If you’re leaving giffgaff for another mobile provider and want to cancel your giffgaff number and service you’ll need to give a STAC code to your new network.

Get a STAC code

What happens if there's a delay when switching to giffgaff?

If you’re unhappy with how we have conducted the switching process and believe that you have suffered a loss of service as a direct result of our delay, please contact an agent and once we’ve investigated the port in/out and verified your loss of service, we’ll ensure you receive reasonable compensation as soon as we reasonably can. For issues with porting out, payment will be made back to your saved card. For issues with porting in, we will apply credit to your account.