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goodybag rules

Once a goodybag or gigabag is active, it is not possible to cancel or modify it. All goodybags are valid for a month but it's possible to buy another goodybag before it expires if you run out of minutes or data. Your goodybag purchases can be found on the Payment history page.

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Recurring goodybags

Recurring goodybags are the most comfortable option as it allows you to purchase a goodybag automatically every month. This way, there is no chance you'll find yourself without a goodybag.

Manage your recurring goodybag

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Manage your recurring goodybag

Queued goodybags

It is possible to buy a goodybag in advance which will start as soon as the existing goodybag expires, we call it a queued goodybag. It is possible to cancel and edit a queued goodybag at anytime before it goes live.

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