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Plans & credit


Why do I need credit?

The following services aren't included in our plans, so you'll need credit to use them:

Add credit

How do I check my credit?

You can see the balance of your credit by logging into your My giffgaff account. You'll also be able to see how much of your current plan you've used (if you have one).

Go to My giffgaff

Alternatively, use the following shortcodes from your phone:

  • Dial *100# to check your credit
  • Dial *100*7# to check your plan

Check out other useful shortcodes

Learn more about your credit balance

How and when will I be charged?

If you have an active goodybag you'll only be charged for the services listed above, or for any usage when you don’t have an active plan (goodybag or gigabag).

If you don't have an active goodybag, you'll be charged for any data, calls or texts usage according to our pay as you go prices.

See our pay as you go prices

Data usage is charged per megabyte (MB) and calls are charged per minute.

Ask an agent about charges

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Ask the Community

Having trouble finding the right answer? Sign into your my giffgaff account and ask the community a question. Don't be shy.

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