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The repair policy

When you are buying a phone with giffgaff, we provide you with a repair service to support you when something goes wrong. Please refer to the Return policy for further details about your rights.

How to send a phone for repair

All repairs must be booked on the website first. To do so, you must log in and go to My giffgaff to find the My orders section. Select the phone you wish to have fixed and follow the on-screen instructions. All the phones received without the appropriate booking are returned to the sender. You will be able to track the status of your repair in the same section of the website.

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Out of Warranty repairs

If your phone happened to be damaged and therefore out of warranty, our repair centre will issue a quote for the repair. The cost of the quote is a nominal fee of £15, which is included in the price of the repair. If you chose not to have your phone repaired, we will ask you to pay this fee so we can return your phone. Please note that no repair will be made on a phone with liquid damages.

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