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Unlock BlackBerry 8700c free

unlock your BlackBerry 8700c

There are a few free methods to unlock your BlackBerry 8700c, and the good news?  There’s nothing particularly technical involved.

The first thing you’ll need to do prior to visiting the BlackBerry unlocking sites, is to follow the guide to find your IMEI number and MEP ID.

Once you have these – write them down somewhere safe.  Next visit this BlackBerry unlocking site.

Submitting your IMEI number, MEP ID and any further details requested.  Once you’ve submitted your details, you will receive your free BlackBerry unlock code within 24 hours.

An alternative free BlackBerry unlocking service can be found here.  Using this service, you will receive a free code within 7-10 days, alternatively you can pay £3.99 to receive a code within a few hours.

You can also request an unlock code from your current network provider, the cost and time to unlock via your network can vary find out more about unlocking with your network.

Alternatively, select your current network from the dropdown list below, and you will see alist of third party unlocking service providers who can unlock your BlackBerry 8700c for a small fee.

Remember if you get stuck unlocking your phone, you can always ask the community

Don’t forget to tell us how you unlocked your phone in the comments below as this gives guidance to others in the future.

How to unlock BlackBerry 8700c free

Choose the current mobile network that your phone is locked to; so we can help you choose the best way to unlock your phone based on price, service rating and time.