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unlocking with Vodafone


Vodafone state that there is usually no charge for unlocking your phone after 12 months, but that you should phone their customer service team to check. Otherwise, pay monthly customers can expect to pay £19.99 to unlock their phone if they've only been on a contract for under a year. PAYG customers can unlock their phone at any time., costing £19.99. This will be taken form your top-up balance so check you have enough credit.

To unlock your phone, call 191 from a Vodafone number, or 08700 700191 (Pay monthly)/ 08700 776655 (Pay-and-go)

Vodafone also provide an online form to make it easier to unlock.

Turnaround time for the unlock is up to 10 days.

Visit Vodafone for more information on how to unlock