Thank you for helping us to support local communities and members in need with your donations.

A little update on goodybank

Together with our members, this is what we’ve made possible so far this year.

  • stay connected
  • Over 5,000 members have been able to stay connected. Helping them stay in touch with friends and loved ones. Nice one.

Just donated £10 after getting help when I
couldn’t go out the other week. I’m so grateful for
the £8 goodybag it saved my sanity.

djloafs, giffgaff member

  • We partnered with Neighbourly, and together we’ve supported 200 local communities helping to bring them the essentials they need to keep ongoing.

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With this funding, we have been able to
distribute a number of emergency food
parcels, cover petrol costs for volunteers,
buy a telephone for a hard of hearing
member who had no means of contacting

Milton Keynes Irish Welfare Support Group

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