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What is a website builder?

Picture of a website builder

A website builder is a tool that helps you to create your own website without manual code editing. This means that you would not need to use HTML, CSS or Javascript to create your blog or open up your own store instead you can use a content management system to develop your website with ease using tools that can help you create the design of your choice.

About Wix

Picture of a website being built by Wix

Wix is a free, user-friendly website building platform that allows users to create websites and mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop tools.

It’s free

Wix is a great tool for anyone that wants to learn how to build a website without spending any coins. You can build as many websites as you want and it is all free of charge. Usually, it costs a lot of developers money to build a website but wix is completely free for anyone to use.

It’s flexible

Wix has a wide range of different templates for you to choose from based on many different categories. Say if you want to build your own clothing website then you can select from a great range of different themes and features catered to your preferred design. For example, if you want an online store for your website, you can add cool features like a shopping cart or a menu of all your different products. The website templates cater to your needs based on what you are looking for.

About SquareSpace

Picture of Squarespace's website

Squarespace is also a website builder designed to help those selling products on an e-commerce platform and creatives build their own websites to showcase their work with no technical ability. It’s great for designers, photographers and artists to establish their portfolio through a beautiful, professional-looking website.

It’s easy to use

Squarespace is completely a drag-and-drop website builder which makes it much easier to use than other website builders such as Wix and Wordpress. It’s easy to navigate which makes it faster to edit once you get the hang of it. It’s straight-forward as you know exactly what changes you’re making as you go. You also don’t need to know a single line of code unless you choose to but it’s not necessary.

Perfect for anyone

As well as it being great to showcase portfolios, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to start an e-commerce website. The inventory is easy to navigate and accepting payments has never been simpler. The paid subscriptions are affordable meaning that anyone can have access to SquareSpace

About Webflow

Picture of Webflow's website

Webflow is an all-in-one web design tool that allows users to design, build, and launch responsive websites visually. It is more of a sophisticated tool for web designers and it bridges the gap between design and development without the need to code.

It’s free

It allows you to process a website from its design to its launch for free. As expected, extra features come at a price.

No need for code

One of Webflow’s unique features is that there is no need for code. You are able to build a fully-functioning website without having to play with code with Webflow actually coding for you, making this an attractive to the average user who has no idea how to start coding.

Built-in SEO optimization

Wordflow boasts built-in SEO optimization tools, including automatic XML sitemaps, canonical tags, 301 redirects, and metadata controls.

An honorable mention: Wordpress

Picture of Wordpress' website

Wordpress is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to build websites with no knowledge of coding. It is a very flexible software because it allows you to customize just about every aspect of your website. Wordpress doesn’t allow you to be as creative as you can with Squarespace, Wix and Webflow if you don’t have the right themes or have some coding knowledge which is why Mabintou prefers Squarespace, Wix and Webflow.

It gives you creative freedom

The platform is not only free for anyone to use but you have a lot of freedom in how you choose to use the software and interact with it. For example, you can customize your website to your liking and it doesn’t restrict you to a template or theme that may be used by many other users. You can make it more unique through coding some parts of the website or using free or low-cost tools to make it look more authentic.

Wordpress is the most popular CMS tool in the world and it holds the largest market share and it accounts for over a quarter of all websites. It is designed for anyone not just developers so the components are easy to use and maintain for anyone that wants to create their own fashion blog, portfolio of their work and many others. It’s designed for everyone.