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Tales of Hallogreen

Wicked Wendy's wacky journey

Before we begin, you must beware,
If you read this tale, you’re in for a scare.

Buying refurbished can be a worry,
But after this tale,
You’ll want one in a hurry.

Once upon a scream,
In a land far away,
Lived a young girl called Wicked Wendy,
And today was her special day.

The day was Halloween, when spooks haunt the living,
But Wendy was more excited
About what the postman was bringing.

Wendy had bought a phone from giffgaff you see,
A refurbished phone at that,
Because Wendy didn’t believe
In all that negative chat.

The time was here, the package had arrived.
Wendy opened the box,
And was pleasantly surprised.

The phone she’d ordered was there in her hands,
The condition was mint,
Even better than some other brands.

Excited and glad, Wendy pulled on her boots
And put on her cloak.
It was time to visit granny, for this was no joke.

Off she trundled through the frightening forest,
Her new phone in hand,
With thoughts of cookies and cakes on her mind,
Thinking, “Oh, isn’t this grand.”

Chapter one

As Wicked Wendy walked past dead man's tree,
She heard a voice say,
“Young lady, can you answer a question for me?”

There stood a vampire, his name was Count Victor,
He was in the market for a new phone,
One that was smarter and slicker.

Wendy knew just what to say:
“Head over to giffgaff,
They can show you the way”.

“This is mine, a refurbished model too,
And as you can see, it’s as good as new”.

Chapter one

Victor had beady eyes and a smirk.
“Aren’t all refurbished phones old,
How could they possibly work?”

“This isn’t old, it’s the latest model,
giffgaff has a wide range,
Choosing one was a doddle”.

Count Victor took a look,
To his surprise and delight,
He saw the phone he wanted,
At a price that didn’t fright.

“Thank you, young lady, now be on your way,
This place is scary, especially today”.

Has Wendy convinced you?

See refurbished phones

Chapter two

Off Wendy walked with a skip and a smile.
She’d helped someone out,
And it had been less than a mile.

Past the gruesome graveyard, Wendy did walk,
When up popped Zea the zombie,
For a friendly talk.

“Excuse me, my dear,
I hope I don’t cause you any fear,
But I saw your phone through the gates,
And thought we could be mates”.

“Oh do you like it? I got it today.
It’s refurbished from giffgaff,
It’s great don’t you say?”

“Refurbished? That can’t be,
Aren’t those phones of terrible quality?”

Chapter two

“The quality is great.
It’s been checked for days and days.
Take a look for yourself,
It’s good in so many ways”.

Zea took a look,
And with a shake and a tap,
He knew he wanted one too,
It would make him a happy chap.

“Thank you, Wendy,
You’ve helped me a great deal,
A visit to giffgaff is in the future I feel”.

“Bye-bye Zea,” Wendy replied gleefully,
And continued on her journey
To meet her granny.

Has Wendy convinced you?

See refurbished phones

Chapter three

While wandering past the tomb of Mo,
Wendy heard another voice say, “Hello”.

It was Mo the Mummy that shouted out,
Her voice rang loud,
With a clang and a clout.

“Your phone is so pretty, shiny and grand,
Could you help me find one,
And lend a hand?”

“However, money is low, I’m a little light,
Can you help me find one,
That keeps my budgets tight?”

Chapter three

“This phone is refurbished from giffgaff,
It’s as cheap as can be,
If you look you can find one happily”.

“Marvellous little lady,
Thank you so much,
I’ll head to giffgaff now and get in touch”.

Has Wendy convinced you?

See refurbished phones

Chapter four

Out of the woods, Wendy came across a clearing,
With the moon so bright in the sky,
She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

With a howl and a huff,
Wilfred the werewolf needed to know some stuff.

He’d lost his phone, and needed to get another,
But didn’t know what to do or who to bother.

“Your phone is so light and so bright,
Where did you get such a delight?”

“Why giffgaff of course, refurbished to boot,
They have some many great phones, choosing one was a hoot.”

“But aren’t refurbished batteries bad?”
“I heard this from another lad”
“I need one that lasts and lasts,
You see I’m up all night,
It running out would give me a fright”

Chapter four

“Well worrying Wilfred, lend me your ear,
And I’ll tell you something you need to hear”

“When these phones are refurbished,
They check the batteries,
This is to make sure you have no worries”

“Well if that’s the case, then that’s handy,
I’m sure buying refurbished will be fine and dandy.”

Has Wendy convinced you?

See refurbished phones

Chapter five

Finally, Wendy’s destination drew near,
Time to see granny and spread some cheer.

Faster than ever,
She knocked on the door,
Excited to see granny,
And what was in-store.

Chapter five

The door opened to the smell of cookies and cakes,
Wendy loves it when Granny bakes.

The two sat down for a cake and a cuppa,
They chatted for hours,
Until it was time for supper.

There ends our tale of myths and monsters,
Lessons were learned and friends were made,
We hope you weren’t too afraid.

Remember, when witches go riding,
And black cats are seen,
The moon laughs and whispers, for it ‘tis Halloween.

The end