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giffgaff celebrates recycle week with our community

At giffgaff we’re big believers in choosing refurbished. In fact, we love anything that supports sustainable causes and reducing waste.

Therefore, to celebrate National Recycle Week we’ve partnered with some experts in the “creative reuse” world. Using a giffgaff refurbished phone, they have created some fantastic sustainable projects, and kindly shared them with our members. Get in.

We’ll be posting a new tip every day throughout Recycle Week, so make sure to keep checking this hub.

Our partners:

Heart and Homemade

Claire shares simple crafts and DIY projects on her blog so that we all can fit some creativity into our lives.

Fall for DIY

Fran loves a good project to get her teeth into. Behind every tutorial is a drive to make easy and affordable DIYs that look anything but. They are sure to change you and your surroundings into a more positive and interesting place to be.


Cassie is quite possibly the thriftiest person you’ll ever meet. In fact, her biggest gripe is paying for something new if she can get it cheaper or free just by hunting around or shopping secondhand. She loves spending time reusing, recycling and repurposing old clothing, furniture and household items.

The Crafty Gentleman

Mike is one crafty fellow and shares free DIY projects, tips and inspirations, all designed to be easy to follow and replicate at home.

Curiously Conscious

Besma believes in a kinder way to look stylish. She discusses sustainable fashion, clean beauty, low-impact lifestyle, and more, over on her blog and Instagram page.


Ricky and Naomi believe that every penny counts. They share their hints, tips and deals on their blog, so their readers can make savvy choices and keep more pennies in their pockets.

The inspiration doesn’t stop there. We asked our lovely members to give us their best hints and tips on all things recycling, upcycling and refurbished.

If you have some of your own, then make sure to visit the community thread and social channels to share them with us.


Sending things to charity shops when I no longer need them, books especially, is my favourite kind of recycling. — shared by swaters

Mixed recycling

Set-up a multi-section bin in an easily accessible, high-traffic part of the house (The hallway or kitchen is best) and have each section clearly labelled with what should be put in it. — shared by thunderdragon

Reusable carrier bags

I only use my Hessian bags and buy fruit and vegetables loose in the supermarket, it’s surprising how much cheaper they are bought loose. — shared by Kathleen414

Recycling food

I recently bought a couple of bokashi. We put in ALL food waste, yes even bones and fish skin, mix it with the bokashi bran which ferments the waste. When the bin is full it is left for a couple of weeks or longer after which time it is simply buried or mixed in a normal compost bin to continue to rot down. — shared by suept

Food storage

I’ve got some little 1 portion silver trays (bought to make meals for my mil) I put leftovers from meals in them and freeze, then every now and then we have a mix and match ‘no prep’ dinner. — shared by kath72