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Sustainable Fashion: Top 3 apps to sell your clothes online

giffgaff knows that choosing refurbished can provide people with items which are:

  • Great value
  • Great quality
  • Helping to reduce waste

So we partnered with the lovely craft and sustainability blogger, Claire from She’s shared some of her best hints and tips on apps that not only help you recycle your unwanted clothes, but can earn you a few extra pennies for doing so. Winning.

Being sustainable has never been so stylish. Over to you, Claire:

When it comes to the environment, I’m incredibly passionate about recycling, upcycling and buying as little ‘new’ as I possibly can. Some folks don’t even realise that you can earn money from your recycling!

It’s actually always been a thing; there are programs where people can collect items to earn money. But now it’s transferred to the phone and cut out the middle man. These apps are a place where you can be happy something is getting a new home, and you’ll be getting paid for the privilege.

It makes everything easier by having buyers in the palm of your hand.


This app is specifically for high-end clothing and accessories. Focusing on designer brands, you can list and connect with buyers to ensure items get sold and go to a good home.

Download Poshmark:


This first app will accept all types of clothing, as some apps have limits on the items you can share. thredUP works like a thrift store; it recycles by making sure every clothing piece gets a home.

Download thredUP:


This is a social media app for selling clothes. You create a seller profile and gain followers, if you have regular clear outs. Someone with similar style to you can follow you, meaning they will get notified when your items are listed and it can lead to quite a lot of future sales.

My favourite aspect of this app is that they also offer trading. So you can trade items you no longer want for stuff you do.

Download Vinted:

When decluttering your home, there are similar apps for selling home items. And if you have designer perfume which is maybe half full, you can even sell that, as long as you are very honest about the condition and why you are selling it.

There are so many incredible resources where you can literally recycle everything. The most popular being Gumtree. Or if you want to get rid of something quickly, Freecycle is a marvellous option.

You can list pretty much anything on Freecycle. I regularly list packaging supplies (bubble wrap, packing nuts etc) as other ebay sellers snap them up instantly. Just put them in some bin bags and again, be honest about what you’ve got and even upload photos!

Recycling has never been easier than it is right now. We all just need to get serious about developing healthy habits for our planet.

There is no Planet B.

— Claire Donovan-Blackwood Owner of Heart Handmade UK Creator of The Craft Room Designer Toolkit & Challenge

If you want to learn more about recycling and upcycling head over to the giffgaff hub created to celebrate the “Recycle Week”. If you want to check giffgaff’s great value and quality refurbished phones click here.