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At giffgaff, we love giving our members the very best plan advice based on their monthly usage. To celebrate this we asked our community for some pearls of wisdom they’ve been given by the older generation over the years. Check out the thread here, as it certainly makes for good reading.

Make sure to share your thoughts, and the best advice you’ve been given over on our social channels, as we'd love to hear it #choosegiffgaff

Huge thank you to our community members whose quotes are featured in the generator, it wouldn’t be the same without you.

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Best plan advice Info

Here at giffgaff we like to do things a little differently. This includes making sure that our lovely members get the best value plans available. Even if it means they spend a little less.

So, how does it work? Well each month we keep an eye on how much data members are using, if they ran out of megabytes before the end of the month, or if they had plenty left over. We then recommend the best possible plan for them based on this. This goodybag can be a little bit more than a member is spending now, a little bit less, or the member could be right on track and already have the best plan for them.

If you’re already a member you’re probably aware we also email everyone a personalised summary of what they’ve been up to in the past month, a reminder 2 days before a goodybag expires that it’s about to expire, and ad hoc summary texts (if a member’s asked for them).

You can also use your dashboard to find a summary of how you’ve used your phone over the last month, that’s if you can’t wait until you get your best plan advice, of course.

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Best plan advice