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10 reasons to buy a 2018 iPhone



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iPhone XS

The iPhone has completely changed how the industry thinks about making smartphones, and Apple has done it yet again with the release of the 2018 iPhones.

To be honest, I was expecting a bit more disruption from Apple’s iPhones. The camera, performance and screen are significantly improved; however, there wasn’t a breakthrough feature. Saying that, if you are in the market for an upgrade, you should consider the iPhone XS, XR or XS Max. Here are 10 solid reasons why you should get one of Apple’s latest releases.

1. Best customer service

Arguably, no smartphone manufacturer on the planet can compete with Apple on customer service. You can simply walk into an Apple store and talk to a rep immediately. At peak times you can also book a free appointment and speak to an Apple ‘Genius’. You can’t do that with other phones without getting a sales person try to sell you an ‘upgrade’.

2. Ease of use

Some Android fans knock iPhones because it isn’t as “customisable” as Android. What you sacrifice for in customisation, you get back in ease of use. Each feature is meticulously designed to work effortlessly. You can hand an iPhone over to a child or elderly person and they will know how to use it immediately. Any changes can be easily reversed in settings. As a result, you will have fewer issues by purchasing any of the 2018 iPhones.


3. Excellent resale value

iPhones have the best resale value as compared to any Android smartphones. This is because they are always in demand. If you are someone who likes to sell your phone in order to offset the cost of your next upgrade, get one of the 2018 iPhones. Shameless plug, but giffgaff offers excellent rates for selling your iPhone. You don’t need to go through any hassle. Simply fill in a short form, get a rate, and post your phone. Money will be in your account shortly after.

4. Tightly integrated ecosystem

Apple likes to have a lot of control over the entire iPhone experience to the point that they solely develop the software and hardware. As a result, they are able to ensure a high-quality standard, and any software issues are fixed quickly.

When I receive a call on my iPhone, my Mac rings too. I can access my iTunes purchases from any Apple device. Upgrades and backups are simple. The technicalities are taking out of the equation, and everything works seamlessly.

Apple continues to invest in exclusive content for Apple Music, iBooks and iTunes. Any other Apple devices dance in smooth harmony with your iPhone. Moreover, Apple supports their iPhones for 5 years from release. As a result, you will get the latest features pushed to your phone for the next five years.

5. Bigger screens in small packages

With the XS Max, Apple managed to cram a 6.5” screen in a frame smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus. Combined with the higher resolution screen, content looks more engaging. Plus, because there are fewer moving parts on the latest iPhones, they are built to last.

6. Security and privacy

Apple invests large sums of money into research and development. One of their top priorities is ensuring that their customers’ data is secure. Controversially, they refused to unlock the iPhone of an alleged terrorist, who had passed away.

Any of the 2018 iPhones enable you to login to websites and pay in-store or online using Face iD. Apple stores the biometric data inside a highly encrypted section of the processor. Therefore, it can’t be accessed remotely. As of writing, no other tech manufacturer has been able to replicate the accuracy and security of the Face iD.

7. Long-term updates

Every iPhone is supported for 5 years from launch. For the next 5 years, you will get the latest software update at the same time as everybody else. As a result, you get a smartphone which is always evolving.

In comparison, popular Android smartphone brands have many different models. This means that every software update has to be modified in order to fit. In most markets, the telecom operators have to ‘approve’ the software update before it finally gets to users. As a result, some popular phones receive updates late.

8. Less bloatware

Bloatware are apps which take up space on your device and are difficult (or impossible) to remove. Apple’s iPhones come with some bloatware, but it isn’t on the same level as other smartphones. The problem with bloatware is that it takes up storage space on your device, and can affect performance. Fortunately, Apple’s bundled apps tend to be useful, and don’t affect performance when not in use.

9. Family sharing

Surprisingly, family sharing isn’t a feature Apple promotes often. If you live in a household with other iPhone users, you can share apps, videos and games. Plus, if there is a child in your household, you can set it up in a way that you receive an alert whenever they try to buy an app, video or song. Without your approval, it won’t go through.

We use Family Sharing in our house to share premium games and iBooks with each other. This has saved us a lot of money, and I wish more people knew about it.


10. A consistently great experience

I love trying out different smartphones, but I keep going back to the iPhone for one reason. Consistency.

With the iPhone, I don’t have to tinker around with the settings or ‘hack’ it in order to unlock additional features. If something goes wrong, there are several tutorials which will enable me to fix it. I can enjoy the phone without worrying about how it works.

It is the only phone I buy as a gift for relatives.

By buying any of the 2018 iPhones, you buy into an ideology that your phone should just work, and give you the power to work and play. Some of the most powerful apps are exclusives on the iPhone. I love all the innovation from the Android side of the market, and I frequently try them out. However, there is something about that buttery smooth performance of the iPhone, and responsiveness, which keeps me going back.

Final thoughts

After all of that praise, I will admit that I was expecting more from Apple’s latest iPhones. With so much stagnation in the smartphone industry, 2018 was an opportunity for Apple to really shake things up.

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