Who are we?

Put simply, we’re the mobile network run by you, our members. And simplicity is kind of our thing. That’s why we don’t do contracts. We think you should stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.

Take a peek at our manifesto to find out exactly what gets us out of bed in the morning.

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a screwed up piece of paper

What’s our story?

Back in 2008 a super smart chap called Gav Thompson realised there was a better way to do mobile. He believed a network could be run without call centres and high street shops. And that it could be powered by members, not customers, who would get rewarded for doing their bit for other members.

It’s where the name “giffgaff” comes from. It’s originally a Scots phrase meaning mutual giving. And that sense of community runs through everything we do.

the page where the original ideas of giffgaff were written downa polaroid of the first giffgaff office, which was an old tudor house

So what do we do?

From day one we set out to be a little different and that goes for what we offer too. Like all good communities, you get something back for what you put in.


Our flexible monthly plans are called goodybags. They're packed full of data and can be cancelled whenever. We also recommend the best plan for you, even if it means you spend less.


If monthly plans aren’t your thing, you can also buy credit. It works on a pay as you go basis. And also covers a few things our goodybags don’t, such as international calls.


You get Payback points for bringing people to giffgaff, helping out on the forums and generally being a good egg. The points can be swapped for cash or credit or given to charity.


We sell both new and refurbished phones and will also take your old phone off your hands and give you cash in return.

What do we believe in?

As you’ll have probably sensed by now, we’re big on community, it’s what makes us the run by you network. Members can have their say and help others on our forums, suggest new ideas in Labs, and create videos and guides on our blog. And like all good communities we believe in being clear and honest in how we communicate and flexible enough to accommodate the needs of everyone.


How does it work?

OK, now for the practicalities. We run on the O2 network, so 4G coverage is standard. And if you’re travelling in the EU, your phone will work exactly as it does at home, assuming you’ve remembered your travel adapter. Any other questions? Ask them in community or head on over to help.

Phew, right, now for the important bit.

How do you join?

Whether you’re switching from another network or starting from scratch, joining is a breeze. Oh, and if you are switching you can keep your number (or get a shiny new one) when you do.

  1. Order a SIM
  2. Activate that SIM
  3. You're good to go

Ready to join? Let’s go.

Get the giffgaff app

Our app lets you manage your giffgaff account with the tap of your phone. You can check your data on the go and connect to thousands of WiFi hotspots across the UK with WiFI Extra. But that's just the start of what the app can do. It's a bitesize wonder.

To manage your account like a pro, download our app.

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