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How much data do I need?

At giffgaff we want to make sure you get enough data with your plan to suit your lifestyle. Whether it’s updating your status, surfing the web or listening to music, your data is important. If you’re wondering ‘How much data do I need?’, we’ve got just the tool for you. Our clever data calculator below can help you decide which goodybags will give you the right amount of data for your monthly needs.

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We know that talking in "gigs" can be a tad confusing. So let’s break it down.

How much is 1GB of data?
1GB of data works out to about 1 million basic emails or 2,000 emails with attachments. Or it gives you enough data to download or stream around 200 songs, download or stream 2 hours worth of standard definition videos or listen to 16 hours of online radio. Now that's a lot of data.

How much is 500MB of data?
If you’re not such a heavy data user, 500MB would let you access 500,000 basic emails or 1,000 emails with attachments. It also equates to 100 song downloads/streaming, 1 hour of downloading /streaming standard definition video or 8 hours of listening to online radio.

Using our data calculator tool
If you’re still a little hazy about how much data you use, fret not. Use the tool below and let it do the hard work for you. Simply select how often you use your phone for social media, emails, apps, videos and music, and hey presto. You’ll have a few suggestions of goodybags that might be a perfect match for you.

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