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UK prices

Our pay as you go rates

Mobile data5p/MB
Calls to UK mobiles, landlines and calls forwarding25p per minute
Calls to personal numbers starting 07025p per minute
Texts to UK mobiles and landlines (160 characters)10p per text
Voicemail (443)8p per call
Calls to freephone numbers starting 0800, 0808Free
Calls, texts and call forwarding to giffgaff numbersFree*

Included as part of your goodybag

Calls to UK mobiles, landlines and calls forwardingYes
Texts to UK mobiles and landlinesYes
Voicemail (443)Yes
Mobile dataYes
Calls to personal numbers starting 070Yes
Calls to freephone numbers starting 0800, 0808Free
Calls, texts and call forwarding to giffgaff numbersFree*

Those little extras

Picture messages (MMS) to giffgaff and other mobiles (max 300KB)30p per MMS
Video calls to other mobiles50p per minute
Numbers starting 084, 087, 09, 118
The call cost will be our Access Charge plus the Service Charge of the company being called. More info
25p per minute + Service Charge
Non-mobile 07 numbers, for detailed listing click here

074060, 074061, 074062, 074063, 074064, 074065, 074066, 074068, 074069, 074171, 074172, 074176, 074177, 074179, 074181, 074185, 074186, 074188, 074390, 074391, 074410, 074411, 074412, 074414, 074415, 074417, 074418, 074515, 074516, 074517, 074574, 074577, 074578, 074579, 074582, 074583, 074584, 074588, 074653, 074655, 075200, 075201, 075203, 075204, 075205, 075207, 075208, 075209, 075370, 075373, 075375, 075376, 075377, 075590, 075591, 075592, 075593, 075595, 075597, 075598, 075599, 075710, 075718, 075890, 075891, 075892, 075893, 075898, 075899, 077001, 077442, 077443, 077444, 077445, 077446, 077447, 077448, 077449, 077530, 077552, 077553, 077554, 077555, 078220, 078221, 078222, 078224, 078225, 078226, 078227, 078229, 078644, 078727, 078730, 078744, 078745, 078922, 078925, 078930, 078931, 078933, 078938, 078939, 079112, 079118, 079245, 079780, 079781, 079784, 079785, 079786, 079787, 079789. hide more info
20p per minute
20p per text
Sending premium texts. More info10p to £1.50 per text
Receiving premium texts (price set by service provider). More infoUp to £10 per text
Calls to mobile shortcodes (as advised by service provider).Free to £5 per minute

This bit's important...

Service Numbers:
The cost of calling numbers starting 084, 087, 09 or 118 is made up of two parts: an 'Access Charge' and a 'Service Charge'. The Access Charge is set by giffgaff and is 25p per minute (with a minimum 1 minute charge). The Service Charge is set by the company you are calling. These two parts are combined to give the total call cost. More info

£40 cap:
Costs for calls and texts to special and premium-rate numbers and shortcodes can add up quickly. To make sure you can’t spend more than £40 on a single call or text to a premium number, when the cost of a voice call to a premium number or shortcode reaches £40, the call will automatically disconnect. You should receive a text as a reminder of the £40 cap if you reach it.

*Free to giffgaff:
You need to add credit or buy a goodybag at least once every 3 months to receive free giffgaff to giffgaff calls. If you don't, other UK rates will apply as above. The free giffgaff to giffgaff calls last for 60 minutes per call, so you need to hang up and re-dial if you want to keep talking, without being charged.

Call charges:
Unless otherwise stated, call prices include VAT, are quoted by the minute and are charged in one second increment after the first minute. A one minute minimum call charge applies unless otherwise stated. Calls to 055, 056 and 076 numbers are charged in one minute increments.

Extent of United Kingdom:
The prices on this page apply within Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Different rates apply for calls, texts and MMS from the UK to Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man. For more information on those rates, click here. For information about rates to other international destinations click here.

Corporate numbers starting 05520p per minute
VoIP numbers starting 0568p per minute
Pager numbers starting 07640p per minute
Police non-emergency number (101)Free
Powercut emergency number (105)Free
NHS non-emergency number (111)Free
Emergency Call (112 or 999)Free
NHS Covid-19 helpline (119)Free
Support helplines starting 116Free
Speaking clock (123)15p per call
Facebook text updateFree

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